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When it comes to installing a fence for your home, you want to be sure you are going with a material that is high quality and will last long. There are a few different options on the market and knowing the benefits of each one will help when it comes time to choosing a material based on your needs and wants. The first thing to do before you go shop for fencing materials is to make a list of all of your needs and a list of all your wants. This way you can give your supplier the list, and they’ll be able to find a few different options for you that will fit your list. Let’s get into the different options out there. 

Natural Wood

Natural wood is a very popular choice among homeowners and is the most affordable material to find. There are a few benefits of using natural wood as opposed to other alternatives that set the standard high. For example, natural fencing is easier to work with, meaning you can usually install in yourself and you can secure your fence easily. With other materials, you might have to have special clips to secure your deck or fence together, whereas with natural wood you can use nails or screws.

Another great benefit is its appearance. Natural wood is beautiful and catches the attention of visitors easily. You can also stain or paint natural wood so you can customize your fence or deck to your specific style. 


Composite fencing is a huge competitor with natural wood and is very popular especially in communities run by HOAs. Because composite is so easy to take care of it is a top choice for HOAs and it looks very clean with little to no imperfections. You can easily clean the surface of composite fencing with a hose or just by wiping the surface down. 

Composite is one of the cheapest styles of fencing and can sometimes be too thin depending on the manufacturer you purchase the material from. 

You can, however, install your composite fencing very easily because a lot of styles are precise and fitted to be put together, like Legos in a sense. This, of course, depends on the brand of composite decking you are purchasing. 


When considering lattice fencing, it can be used as an accent or as an alternative to fencing materials like natural wood, composite, and metal. If you are a homeowner looking for a way to enhance the look of your home, then lattice is a great option, especially if you’re on a budget. Some brands also stock lattice sheets that you can use as additional décor inside your home or on the patio. 

Lattice is also affordable and is typically made from natural wood or composite, so the type of material you buy will depend on the current fence you have and your specific wants and uses for the lattice if you’re not using it on a fence. 


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