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As a homeowner, you may have a fence at one point in time that you want to keep looking like new for years to come. A lot of people don’t think of the things that can occur that can possibly damage your fence aside from natural damage, weather, or fade. Mother nature is an unpredictable force and unforeseen things can happen to leave you with a damaged fence that needs repair or replacement. Well, the good news is we are going to give you some insight into possible damage that can happen and how you can stay away from it. 

Tree Branches 

A common way that fences are damaged is by tree branches falling during wind or snowstorms causing your fence to collapse. If you notice any trees that are overhanging near your fence that could possibly fall, cut their branches back if possible. Make sure you communicate with your neighbors and HOA in case there are any rules against trimming the landscaping before you do so. By doing this, you can protect your fence against windstorms and unpredictable weather. 

Mold and Moss 

When you install your fence initially, make sure you are using a stain, a paint, or a sealant to protect the surface of your fence. By adding an extra layer of protection, you can keep your fence protected and keep it from growing mold, moss, or even algae when it gets exposed to water. It is also a good idea to continuously recoat your fence every year or so, this way you never risk going unprotected. 

Weeds, Tree Roots, and Other Plants 

Below the surface of the soil, you may notice that weeds, tree roots, or other plants are breaking through the surface and ruining the initial foundation of your fence. The best way to avoid issues like this is to make sure all the weeds, roots, and greenery are removed before you install your fence. When you are placing the posts, look around and see if you notice any tree roots and remove them if you can. If you start to notice this happen after install, make sure you remove them as soon as you can to avoid any further damage. 


The weather in most areas is unpredictable and knowing what to expect can be difficult. When you are installing your fence make sure you are securing the posts and using the proper tools to secure the posts and rails. If your fence is secured properly it should be able to withstand high wind, snow, hail, sleet, and whatever else it may face. 


You might notice that your fence catches leaves, loose branches, dirt, and other particles from the outdoors. This won’t necessarily damage the structure of your fence, but it can mess with the overall look of your fence by destroying the surface of the pickets or chipping the paint or stain. Keep your yard clean of any debris that can blow into your fence so you can protect it and keep it lasting longer. If you do notice any debris on your fence take a minute and wash it off with a hose or wipe it down with a broom to free the surface of any particle damage. 

Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we offer multiple different kinds of fencing that can enhance the structure of your fence and the design to keep it looking great for a long. We also have a wide variety of stains and additions that you can add to your fence to ensure its design looks good and its durability and the protective layer are up to par with your vision. If you ever have any questions about the install process or the aftercare of your fence, give us a call or stop in and speak with one of our team members. We will do our best to help you out and walk you through the process of fencing building or maintenance.