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Until recently, fencing has been regarded as more of a necessity rather than an attractive design element. Of course, fences provide the security and safety that most look for, but they are also a great accent to any property for adding style and aesthetic. Especially for those living in neighborhoods where housing designs are redundant and often uninteresting, fencing is an easy way to customize your property and showcase your personality. First impressions are everything when it comes to curb appeal, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to help your fence stand out from the rest. 

  • Plants and Foliage

An easy and affordable trick to adding some design and color to your fence is by planting things in and around it. Flowers and other plants make a great focal point and are sure to make a mundane structure like a fence stand out from the crowd. Natural elements will compliment your fence, especially those made of natural wood, and even provide a new ecosystem for life to thrive on. 

You could also integrate planter boxes on your fence to carry that same colorful, natural feel beyond ground level. Elevating your landscape will make your property look bigger and help you to personalize your property to an even greater extent. Planter boxes are also a great option for those who have leftover building materials from your fence. This way, you can save money on materials while also matching the established look of the fence to the planters. Adding simple flowers, trees, or even vines that climb up surfaces is a great method for gaining attraction to your fence.

  • Paint

Another affordable and effective way to boost your fence curb appeal is by adding paint. There’s the classic white picket fence that is common among suburban homeowners, but painting vibrant, bold colors on your fence or property accents is growing in trend. Whether you’d like to paint the fence a crazy color to help it stand out, you want to alternate board colors, or you’d like to achieve a painted mural with personal significance, painting your fence gives you the ability to accomplish whatever design you want for your home or business.

If vibrant colors aren’t your style, or you want a more subtle look to help your house stand out instead, you can always paint your fence something much simpler like white or gray. Even adding a clean, undecorated finish to your fence is a great way to help the overall look of your property.

  • Gates and Hardware

Every fence needs a gate, so why not make it a great one. In order to achieve a gate that meets your design dreams, you’ll want to incorporate the same style elements that the fence itself has, but with an added detail and look to accentuate your curb appeal. Gates are a good area to implement technology elements like an electronic passcode or automatic door. This addition can take your fence to the next level in terms of design and security. 

When building a fence, you’ll also need hardware to keep it together and functioning properly. This gives you a great opportunity to customize the design. Hardware that’s dark and can contrast the fence boards will stand out and fulfill a wider range of styles and looks that you may be hoping to achieve.  

  • Customized Tops

Many are probably familiar with the traditional fence top styles such as spiked, arched, or flat, but only a few take advantage of the wide range of style options that you can actually accomplish there. This applies to more than just your average natural wood fencing, but also vinyl and aluminum fencing often allow for easy additions to be made to the tops.

Adding elements like a lattice fencing strip to the top of your fence can help to pull off a more traditional, homey feel. There are also some people who carve different shapes and patterns into the tops of the boards such as a wave or even letters. Depending on the look you want to achieve and the budget you’re trying to stick to, there’s really no limit to what you can add to the top of your fence to make it more unique.

  • Architectural Accents

Similarly to adding elements to the tops of your fencing materials, you can also throw in some architectural style and to give your fence more functionality and personality. Adding something like a pergola or arbor to the side of your fence can give you a whole new space to enjoy and add some more purpose to the fence. 

Many people looking for more architectural elements to add to their fence will create grander entrances for the gates or implement overhangs to produce a more expansive design. Implementing large architectural elements like this should probably be thought of prior to the installation of the initial fence, but there are many architectural components that can be additionally installed after the fact.

For more unique fencing ideas, check out our other blog posts where we cover a range of exciting and educational topics for you to use as a resource. For any further questions or help to get started today, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to assist you in all of your fencing material needs at a price you can count on.