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Lattice fencing is most commonly used in gardens and patios but is an exceptional choice for all areas in and around your yard. Its versatility and ability to mesh well with a wide range of designs make lattice fencing a highly coveted fencing style across the globe. The patterns that can be created with lattice fencing allow for privacy, aesthetics, and affordable materials to complete the project. 

Even if you are considering implementing lattice into your yard in other forms than fencing, the possibilities are endless for what you can achieve. Many people enjoy the security that privacy fencing provides, but like to add an accent of lattice across the top perimeter. Others incorporate the lattice as an awning or feature piece of a fence such as in a planter box or gate. However you end up installing your lattice, it is sure to be a focal point and beautiful addition to any outdoor space. 

Lattice Fence Maintenance

Just like with any fence or structure on your property, general upkeep is necessary to increase its longevity. Lattice fencing is typically manufactured with natural wood or vinyl materials. The two types react differently to different chemicals and environmental conditions, so they vary greatly in how they should be maintained.

For those with lattice fencing made of natural wood, you’ll want to wipe the surface clean of any debris and gently wash the surface with a hose. If your materials were painted or stained, it may be smart to apply another coat or reseal the surface. Doing so will add on a layer of protection for your fence for years to come. The best offense is a good defense. Even if you may not think your fence needs another coat of stain or paint, there’s no harm in overdoing it. And if you have raw lattice with no additional paint or stain, it may be wise to consider putting some on just in case. We also recommend that you scan the surface areas of your fence and look for any imperfections or damage that could potentially hurt the longevity of it.

Similarly, vinyl lattice fencing can be maintained by clearing the exterior of any debris and gently hosing the materials down with water. Vinyl is far more low maintenance than natural wood and doesn’t require an additional stain or coat of paint. You’ll want to ensure that no cracks or damage has occurred on the lattice, and make any repairs that are necessary. Unlike natural wood, you won’t have to worry about vinyl fencing warping, rotting, becoming infested with bugs, or producing mold and mildew. As long as you ensure the fence is up to par and not damaged in any way, the vinyl lattice will last years to come. 

A New Era for Lattice

We’ll be the first to admit that lattice fencing has had quite a bad reputation over the years for being cheap, short-lived and an overall terrible quality product. In the past, the lattice has been made with thin materials that aren’t built to last or stand up to the elements. Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we have strived to change that stereotype for good! Our lattice is thicker, more resistant, and affordably priced for the amazing quality that it provides.

The frail nature that lattice has had for the past decades is what has made it such an undesirable and frowned upon fencing style. We have reinvented the way lattice stands up to its surroundings and its ability to last long while staying strong. Typical lattice fencing is about ¼” thick. Ours, however, is ¾” thick, making the chances of it breaking or damaging easily quite slim. As a company based in Colorado, we understand the hardships that come with unpredictable and extreme environments. That’s why we pin purchase products that do well with the Colorado weather in mind. Our lattice is durable, sturdy, long-lasting, and built to perfection for an unprecedented climate. 

Lattice is known for being a cheap option made with cheap materials. Often with lattice, you get what you pay for. This is alarming for homeowners and designers because they want a product that will last, even if they have to pay a little extra for it. Luckily, Cedar Fence Direct offers lattice fencing at an affordable rate with some of the best quality materials on the market. We are a mill-direct company that brings you products straight from their source, quality guaranteed. To learn more about the benefits of buying mill-direct, check out our other blogs and resources where we go into its advantages in depth. Reach out to us with any questions or to get started with your new lattice fence today!


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