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Not to toot our own horn, but Cedar Fence Direct is pretty freakin’ awesome. We’re a subsidiary of the equally awesome, Rocky Mountain Forest Products, and provide quality materials directly from the mill to our customers. Our prices are hard to beat and with friendly customer service, you can’t go wrong when you choose Cedar Fence Direct. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 top reasons to go with us as your fencing building materials supplier. 

1. Wholesale to Public

As a company, our main goal has always been to provide the best quality products, at the best quality prices, with the best quality service. This quality comes to our customers in the form of wholesale. If you’re not familiar with the term, wholesale is the selling of large quantities of products to be retailed to others. Our main customers consist of contractors, fabricators, designers, and homeowners. We work directly with mills across the country to supply our customers with a high-quality product at a low price. We have intentionally cut out the need for a middleman supplier. Because of this, we’re able to offer materials directly from their source at the lowest rate possible. If you compare our prices and products to those at the big box stores, you’ll see that your options are limited and considerably more expensive. When you buy mill-direct, the only added fee is in the delivery from the mill to our facility. Places like Home Depot will have to charge more because of the delivery costs and storage expenses. 

Not to mention, their products are supplied on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the materials tend to be picked through and often not the best quality that you’d be able to find elsewhere. Another great feature of buying mill direct is the ability to customize your orders. For those who are contractors or working on specific projects, you’ll need certain materials that you can’t get at big box stores. If this sounds like you, we will call our mill and give them all of the details for what you’ll need. We want to make the process as seamless as possible, and offering personalized services to our customers is just one way that we can accomplish that.

2. Family Owned and Run Since 1974

In this day and age, it’s rare to find a company that has been around for so long as has continued to be loved by so many. We pride ourselves on our service and overall customer satisfaction. In our last 50ish years of being in business, we’ve built lifelong bonds and relationships with our clients and suppliers. Because of our efforts and unwillingness to back down, we have maintained our company at a higher level each year. Only up from here! 

We are a family run and owned business. We hope to continue to treat our employees and clients the same way we would our own family. At the end of the day, customer service will make or break your business. And we’re proud that we have made it 50 years by treating our customers like our own family and friends. If you choose us as your supplier, you can be confident knowing that you’re supporting a company built on relationships and respect. Unlike bigger box store companies, your money will be put to much better use and have a wider impact here at Cedar Fence Direct. We hope that if you do choose to purchase materials from Cedar Fence Direct that your experience is just as friendly and efficient as what we strive for on a daily basis. 

3. Best Prices on the Market

As we briefly mentioned before, our prices are quite hard to beat. Because we buy our materials directly from the mills that source them, we can provide our customers with a near same rate for what we purchased them at. This subtracts the need for charging for external shipping and storage costs. Our relationships with the mills allow us to also order things whenever our clients need them, reducing the cost for everyone involved. Big box stores may seem more convenient, but you’re sacrificing quality and a hefty price tag for a quick turnover. For some, this may be desirable. We recommend going with a wholesale provider though to get the products you actually want at a cost that won’t break the bank. 

4. Nationwide Shipping

Another service we provide to all of our clients is nationwide shipping. If you’re living or doing a project in an obscure area that doesn’t have what you need, we’re happy to help. We have three centrally located sites across Colorado that can ship as soon as you need. Our pricing is upfront and includes all shipping costs ahead of time, so you can rest assured there are no hidden fees or any surprises later on. We’ll meet your timeline and get your materials where you need them efficiently and safely. If you live in Colorado, we can also arrange for a pick-up to get you the materials directly, saving you a nice chunk of change. If you’re out of state, we do have a minimum on what we will ship and certain requirements and guidelines to follow.

5. QUALITY Products you can count on

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality of the products you as a company can provide. We here at Cedar Fence Direct are confident that you’ll love our materials and service. When you purchase building materials from us, you can rest easy knowing you have some of the best quality products on the market that will last you years. There’s no use in purchasing materials for a project that isn’t going to last and look good in the future. With us, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience and end up with the fence of your dreams. If you still have any hesitations or would like to get started, give one of our trained specialists a call today and we’d be happy to get you on the road to achieving your desired build.