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Every fence needs a gate. Why not make it everything you’ve ever dreamed? Nothing rivals the importance of protecting your family and home, and a gate is a great way to ensure just that. In the current digital age, technology has allowed us to secure gates a step further by implementing electronics for added safety. Beyond privacy and security, gates add curb appeal, property value, convenience, and good looks to any home.

Kinds of Gates

  • Single Walk

A single walk gate is ideal for folks who don’t lack driveway space. Typically located at the sides of a house, single walk gates are just big enough for a few people or pets to fit through. They also serve as a great entrance to a backyard area without the need of going inside. They look great with picket fencing but can be customized to work into any design that suits your liking. 

  • Swing Gate

On the other hand, for those with ample driveway space, swing gates are highly preferable. They require a decent amount of space to function and are large enough to allow vehicles of any kind through. The property will also have to have enough room for the gate to swing open without damaging anything in its way. Many people like to install double swing gates to make entrances and exits a bit more grand for their property. 

  • Sliding Gate

Sliding gates are perfect for those looking to maximize their space. Typically in the city or smaller suburban environments, sliding gates do a fantastic job of making the most out of an outdoor area. Taking advantage of all of the benefits that sliding gates provide will allow you to have a gate that is both secure and incredibly beautiful. All that is needed for this kind of gate is a little wiggle room around the front side of your existing fence. Space is completely maximized and requires the very little area to function properly.

Gate Security

As we mentioned, technology has come quite a long way since the establishment of gates as common practice. Nowadays, you can install security cameras, motion detectors, automatic features, and other safety precautions to work alongside your gate. Probably the most common, automatic systems like a FOB or code to open the gate are used by many throughout the world. This added security measure can ensure you have the authority over who enters and exits your property. Advancements in this technology have paved the way for more extreme gate safety measures like motion detection and automatic lights. Basically, anything is possible in this day and age for what you can accomplish. Smart homes that have features all interconnected and working together have allowed homeowners to customize every aspect of their surroundings to fit it to the needs of their own lifestyle. There are also gates that come with alarm systems so you can rest easy knowing that everyone is either inside or out. Among other automatic advances, gates have gone from a cosmetic convenience to a safety must-have. 

Benefits Beyond Security

We think it goes without saying that gates are some of the best features to add to a property to boost curb appeal. You can add elements like planters, pergolas, or even nameplates and address numbers to make it your own. Gates can be made with pretty much any material and can easily fit into the style and design of your existing fence or home. First impressions matter. Having a beautiful gate to welcome you home at the end of the day or make your guests feel safe and looked after is well-worth any price tag that can be put on it. With curb appeal comes value. Money that is invested in the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your home is sure to be returned back to you when it comes time to sell. 

One of the main benefits that gates offer is convenience. It’s nice to be able to drive up to your home and have a gate open for you and secure once you’ve entered. Security and convenience at your own disposal are incredibly preferable for those who don’t want to park far away or would like protection when walking into their home. There are other accessories that can be incorporated into the design of your gate and security system to further improve convenience and safety. Rest assured, your gate will keep you safe and sound while looking beautiful. 

For any questions regarding gates and fence materials, give our trained specialists a call or visit today. We would be happy to help you along the process of building the gate of your dreams!