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Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we pride ourselves on nationwide shipping and delivery. We make it a mission to provide the best quality materials to as much of the country we can. It’s important to us that contractors, fabricators, and designers can purchase the best materials from top-tier mills across the world at the most affordable rate on the market. Because Cedar Fence Direct is a wholesale company and purchases our materials directly from the mills, we’re able to offer our products and services at a fraction of the cost that big box stores can. 

While Cedar Fence Direct offers orders of any size, we do require a minimum on our out of state ones. To purchase from outside of Colorado, you’ll need a minimum order of at least 800ft of materials. We understand that this may be a lot for some, and apologize if you’ll have to look elsewhere because of this mandate. In order for shipping, delivery, and external costs to be worth it for us on our end, the minimum order requirement is essential to get our return on investment. If you’re looking to purchase a smaller order than the minimum, give us a call for a custom freight quote.

We also offer deals for contractors and those buying in bulk. We understand the stresses and burdens that costs can present in any project, so we empathize with you and do our best to help you rest easy. 

Requirements for All Out Of State Orders

The following bullet points are requirements to fulfill out of state orders properly and effectively. If one or more of the following cannot happen, Cedar Fence Direct will not be able to deliver your materials to your out of state location. Please keep these prerequisites in mind prior to purchasing your materials:

  • Since we are a mill-direct company, we cannot offer an exact timeline for when you will receive your materials. When working with mills, delivery dates and time frames can often be up in the air depending on their current staff, inventory, and shipping details. If purchasing from out of state, you will receive an estimated time of delivery that could be a few days off on either end. Please consider your availability on the estimated date of delivery and the days surrounding it.
  • There must be a forklift available on site for the delivery. If no forklift is available, our truck drivers will not be able to complete the delivery. Please keep in mind the materials you are purchasing and the means for unloading them from our shipping vehicles. 
  • There must be a representative present at the time of delivery. Our shipping drivers will not leave your materials at a location without someone to take them directly. Be prepared for a live unload. As a means to ensure the liability and safety of your materials, we require this step so the products don’t get lost or in the wrong hands. 
  • All of our products are insured by a third-party logistics company. If you receive your materials with any damages or missing parts, Cedar Fence Direct must be notified within 5 days of delivery. This notification must come in the form of a written statement with photographs as proof. We will not process any claims without all of this information present. 

Shipping heavy and expensive materials in bulk out of state is no easy feat. We understand that there are many requirements in order to purchase from outside of Colorado, but we have been in business for almost 50 years now and recognize the hardships and logistic errors that can arise in shipping. We want to make sure you are getting the best quality product at an affordable price within an estimated timeframe as seamlessly as possible. Please contact Cedar Fence Direct and your sales representative for a final delivery charge. Please note that this final quote can fluctuate up to 20% above or below the listed delivery charge.

For any further questions or concerns regarding out of state orders, give our specialists a call today to help get you on the right track. Shipping and handling can be a huge encumbrance, and cedar Fence Direct aims to ease your worries and get the job done right!