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It’s March, which means spring is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for the warm temperatures, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the sunshine. As a ranch owner, your ranch is about to be in full swing and your livestock will be enjoying the outdoors ten times more than before. There are a lot of chores and things to do that come up this time of year and it’s hard to keep track of everything. We want to give you a little starter guide for preparing your ranch for the spring. Take this list and add to it and customize it to your ranch’s specific needs this spring. If you’re looking to install or replace an entire fence, check out our other blog pages for design inspiration, as well as tips and tricks. You can also visit our website to learn more about the fence materials we stock and start the buying process by contacting us today! 

Walk Your Fence 

The first step to preparing your ranch is to make sure the entirety of your fence is secure and in great condition. Walk the line of your fence and keep an eye out for any loose posts, dowel, or rails and look for any damage to your fence that needs to be repaired. Use spray paint or marking flags to mark the areas of damage so you can easily find them when it comes time to repair them. 

Make Note of Any Improvements

Aside from all your fencing improvements, your entire pasture may need other improvements whether that be landscaping or replacing equipment like tractors, lawnmowers, animal care equipment, and working tools. All of these things are vital to the everyday function of your ranch, so this is a very important step to spend a lot of time tending to. 

The landscaping aspect of your ranch is a job in its entirety and can take some time. Take note if your pasture needs new grass seed laid, new trees, and if you want to add any flowers or other greenery like bushes. 

Spread Out Manure 

This step should be considered before your animals are released back into the pasture. We recommend looking into tools and machinery that can help spread the manure evenly if you don’t already have this equipment. This is important in the growth of your pasture and the grazing for your animals. You want to make sure it is laid evenly and there are no large clumps or missing areas. 

Clean and Replace Livestock Needs 

Every year, you should either clean or replace all equipment that is used by your livestock daily. Water barrels, food troughs, and anything else that you feel necessary to clean or replace, do it! This will not only keep your ranch clean and looking and feeling fresh, but it will help keep your livestock happy and healthy.

Replace Light Bulbs and Reflective Tape 

If you have lights or reflective tape along the fence line of your ranch, see if you want to or need to replace any of the light bulbs. If you need to clean any of the light casings or if any of the tapes need to be reapplied, take care of it now. While these are necessities, they can help when you are out walking your ranch at night or simply seeing your property lite in the evening. 

Continue Keeping Up with Maintenance 

Throughout the season,  keep up with your ranch and all of the tasks that help your daily functionality. You want your ranch to always be running at 100% and by keeping up on everything, you will help build your productivity and daily functionality.

For any information on fencing materials, give us a call or visit our website to learn about the products we offer. If you have questions or are ready to install or repair a fence, stop in and talk with one of our fencing guys to get the process started today! Spring may not be in full swing but it’s coming fast and we want to help you be as prepared as possible. You want to be able to spend your time stress-free and enjoying the warm weather this spring and summer! 


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