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Fencing is usually not at the top of a homeowners’ priority list when it comes to design and standing out from the crowd. But a simple touch-up to your fence cosmetically or structurally could make all the difference for your curb appeal. You’d be surprised by how much a fence can affect the first impression on your home, why not invest some time or money into its appearance? Adding some customization and aesthetics to a fence is a great way to boost the overall value of your property and put your personality on display for all to see.

A fence is often the first thing visitors interact with and neighbors see from afar. The best way to make it stand out is to incorporate details that are uncommon, eye-catching, or structurally cohesive with your existing property. In most cases, you’ll probably want the fence to flow nicely with the overall design of your house. So, choosing materials and shapes that your existing structures have for your fencing needs is a great way to cohesively make your fence outstanding. Of course, you also have the freedom to get creative and go wild in terms of designs, colors, shapes, etc. Your fence is your canvas to let your inner-personality shine through, let your imagination run wild. 

Plants, Flowers, Foliage

One of the easiest ways to implement color and striking characteristics is to plant flowers and other plants in and around your fence. Adding flora to your property is an instant eye-catcher and will surely be loved by anyone passing by. Plants look good with any style of fence and are a cheap way to make your property more inviting. Implementing flowers is a good way to attract wildlife like birds and butterflies, making your outdoor area more appealing for species of all kinds! You could even construct a planter box to be put on or around the fence. With a planter box, you can grow food and other crops and make your fence area into space for your gardening hobbies and other outdoor pleasures. 


Unleash your inner artist and paint your fence to stand out from the crowd! You can paint it a simple white to add a sleek and modern vibe, or go wild with it and make a mural to showcase your skills. Painting your fence fun and bold colors is a fun activity for young ones and will most certainly help your house catch the eyes of people passing by. One of the amazing things about using paint is that you can always paint over it. No need to worry about messing up or changing your mind later on, paint can easily be hidden and redone. We do recommend, however, putting a top coat on the finished product to protect your fence from environmental conditions. 

Structural Elements to the Top

If you have an existing fence already installed and would like to help it stand out more, there are plenty of options out there for you. You can add structural elements like lattice, an arbor, or even carve in a cool design. These are easy and affordable ways to take your fence to the next level. Again, you can really get creative with this. There are no right or wrong ways to make your vision come to life. 


Every fence needs a gate, make yours incredible! Accentuating your fence with an awesome gate will make the entrance to your property grander for your family and visitors. Adding an arbor over the gate is a classic detail that catches eyes. You can make this structural design match that of the fence and your existing property to better incorporate all of the cohesive elements. You can even add vines and foliage to further enhance the look and feel that your property gives off. When it comes to amplifying the looks and designs of gates, there’s really no going wrong. Gates for pathways, driveways, side yards, gardens, and even designated dog areas can all be customized to boost the appeal of your surrounding fence. Whichever element or group of features you decide to incorporate for your fence, you’ll most certainly help it to stand out from the crowd.