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With so many choices available, deciding what type of fence to build and what materials to use can be overwhelming. It is important to consider not only aesthetic appeal but how well the fence will meet your specific needs. Continue reading for tips on how to narrow your search and find the best fence for your yard.

Bill Samuel

Bill Samuel

Bill Samuel, Full time residential real estate developer (Since 2013) that specializes in rehabbing houses and renting/selling them in the Chicago area. Find him at blueladderdevelopment.com

Few details you should consider

First, you want to consider the amount of privacy you want the fence to provide as fences come in different sizes and provide different levels of visibility.

Second, you should do research on the ongoing maintenance required for different materials available and the cost involved in maintaining each type of material.

Third, you should consider the color scheme of your house so that your fence will match.

Style of nature, the tones and feelings

Being a nature lover, I firmly believe that a fence should enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area rather than being a standout feature. It should provide privacy without seeming intrusive. Using natural materials that have original, earthy tones will actually make the area feel more open and larger as well as relaxed.

Look at the current style of nature, the tones and feelings they invoke, and opt for a natural material. Bamboo fencing is incredibly stylish, and if you have garden furniture in a similar color or made from bamboo, it is a perfect choice. Alternatively, using woven hurdle fencing gives privacy, but in areas with strong winds, it allows the air to pass through, lessening the chance of it falling down.

Bertie Cowan

Bertie Cowan

Bertie Cowan, Founder of Effortless Outdoors, an avid hiker, camper, and lover of everything outdoor-related.
Craig Russell

Craig Russell

Craig Russell, Founder and CEO of The English Contractor.


There are many factors to consider, including how you want the fence to look, how long you want it to last, and, of course, maintenance. Most of our clients are selecting between wood and [metal] fences.

Depending on the type of wood, a wood fence can be less expensive, but the maintenance that it will need in regular painting and staining [adds up]. Plus, warped or insect-damaged boards may need replacement over time. Metal fences can be more expensive than wood but can last longer and often do not need the maintenance of a wood fence. Plus, many of our clients are drawn to the decorative options of a metal fence.


The most essential feature of any fence should be the safety it offers. It should be tall and shouldn’t have areas where outsiders can get a grip on it. The fence should be able to deter any possible intruders from trying to climb it.

David Shell

David Shell

David Shell, Founder & CEO of TradesmenCosts.

Justin Noss

Justin Noss, President of All American Fence Erectors.

Depends on a modicum of factors

A fence can be a big investment. Choosing the right one is important and depends on a modicum of factors. First, try narrowing down your choices based on criteria that are out of your control, like your budget, which may [force] you to pass on expensive fence types like aluminum and vinyl. You should also take into consideration your climate before choosing a material and your homeowner’s association guidelines in case they include any restrictions on style, height, privacy, material, etc.

Aesthetically, it’s easy and fun to compare fence designs and choose ones that would look good with your home and yard. [However,] you need to think about things more diplomatically. Consider your reasons for choosing to install a fence. Do you have dogs you need to keep in the yard or protect from wild animals? Are you looking for the best possible financial return on investment? Are you the maintenance-loving type of homeowner who doesn’t mind cleaning and [maintaining it]? Or. would you rather pick something that needs little upkeep? Take your time with your decisions and be smart about them. Then contact fence installation experts for further input or to get them started on the job.

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