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As years pass by, more and more people are making the switch to modern properties. Adding small details here and there throughout your home is a simple and effective way of modernizing your space to keep up with the current trends. One great feature that is often overlooked when renovating your outdoor spaces is fencing. Fences no longer have to be dull and unexciting structures securing your property. There are so many opportunities to create fresh and unique designs with fencing materials in your yard. 

For those of us living here in Denver, modern fencing materials are a particularly popular item to showcase in your yard. Cities and suburbs are notorious for privacy fencing and Denver is no exception. With a generally younger demographic residing here, many people are interested in ways that they can make their home current and contemporary with in demand styles. With the materials we offer at Cedar Fence Direct, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with the design of your modern fence.

Horizontal Fences

When considering a modern fence, horizontal styles are usually some of the first to come to mind. This variety of fencing is perfect for lengthening your outdoor space and adding privacy when needed. Especially for those living with neighbors close by, horizontal fences offer a sense of seclusion and can be terrific for yards in need of a modern upgrade. As opposed to vertical styles, horizontal fences offer a wider range of custom designs to make you own. If privacy and safety are some of your top priorities, installing a horizontal fence with great height and magnitude to it is extremely favorable. Advanced technology also allows for gates on fencing to be exceptionally secure, protecting what matters most and giving you peace of mind. 

For those in need of a fence as more of a barrier and less as a privacy measure, horizontal fencing has numerous styles that allow for light to shine through and views to still be seen beyond the fence. By spacing the slats apart or deciding to add less height to your fence, the horizontal fence becomes more of a design feature and less of a necessity. Allowing some spacing to occur will bring about more sunlight onto your outdoor areas and create a natural transition from your home’s surroundings onto your property.  

Another untraditional horizontal fencing style that’ll add a modern design to your yard is the use of narrow or skinny boards. As opposed to the classic, nominal dimensions that fence boards tend to be, opting for a skinnier bard to install horizontally is a unique and trendy way to add privacy and aesthetic to your outdoor spaces. 

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are an affordable alternative to fences. Although they provide far less security and protection, they are just as stylish and a great addition to any property in need of architectural accents. Again, the options for design and materials that can be used to achieve a modern look with these are endless. Horizontal styles are hugely popular with privacy screens because they add a sense of elongation and depth to the structure. There are also many builders who have customized privacy screens to match existing house styles or stand out with unique patterns and angles. 

Built-in Furniture

With many modern fences, you’ll notice that they often have a built-in bench or other additions to help outdoor living be more seamless. Installing a bench along the length of your fence is a simple addition that is sure to see much use over the years. You could even add storage inside of it! Leveraging your fence for functionality and outdoor living, as opposed to just letting it stand there, is becoming a hot commodity in the design world. You can even install pergolas or arbors on your modern fence to make better use of your existing space. 

With the growing trend towards modern construction, it won’t be long before you’ll want to upgrade your outdoor living space to better fit the needs of your lifestyle and preferences for design. So why not start now? Give us a call or shoot us a message if you’re interested in hopping on the modern fence bandwagon in Denver. We’ve got lots of options and styles to choose from and would be happy to help with all your project needs!