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Fences come in just about every size, shape, color, and material. It is up to you to choose the fence that compliments your property and style while adhering to local building codes. Of all the fence types available, wooden privacy fences have emerged as one of the most popular choices. It is easy to see why so many homeowners choose a privacy fence if you take a closer look.

Wooden privacy fences are a blank slate. The style coordinates well with many types of housing, and it can be painted or stained in just about any color you choose. Privacy fences clearly mark property lines and even reduce road noise from passing cars. A well-maintained fence looks good and increases the curb appeal of your home. It increases your property value and has the potential to lower your homeowner’s insurance payment as well. It checks a lot of boxes when it comes to fencing needs.

One of the biggest reasons to install a privacy fence, however, is for the privacy it offers. This privacy translates into greater home security in many ways.

Restricts Access – A standard privacy fence is 6 feet tall. The pickets are installed side by side without gaps between them. Ideally, the rails to which they are affixed are on the inside of the fence, eliminating foot and handholds on the outside. This wall of wood is an excellent deterrent to people trying to gain access to your yard. There is no easy way over it. The gate, if left unlocked, is the only weak spot. Fence gates should have locks installed on the inside that are not reachable from outside the yard.

Blocks Shortcuts – If you or a friend ever cut through a neighbor’s yard to avoid walking around the block to get home, you were able to do so because there was not a fence in place. A 6-foot privacy fence will keep people from walking through your yard, increasing your privacy and reducing the potential for opportunistic theft.

Visual Screen – We all know that items in the front yard are open to the full view of our neighbors, as well as passersby. This knowledge can make you think twice about leaving anything of worth out there, especially overnight. Do you take the same precautions in the back or side yard? Those yards are just as visible without a privacy fence as the front, and items left out can easily be taken. Solid fence panels block others’ views of your possessions. When they are out of sight, they are out of mind.

Foils Escape Attempts – While pets and young children love to play outdoors, they may not have a good sense of their boundaries. Fences clearly delineate your property line. A privacy fence even goes one step further. Without gaps between pickets or rails, children and pets cannot easily squeeze through or climb out as they might be able to do with other types of fences. Keeping them safely within the yard prevents them from wandering into a nearby street or getting lost.

Limits Insurance Liability – Homeowner’s insurance costs rise when there is more potential for accidents to occur. Those who have backyard pools, trampolines, or playsets are familiar with the liability that comes with these backyard features. To avoid unfortunate incidents and unwanted claims, it is vital to keep these areas secure even when the homeowner is away. A privacy fence can hide these items from view and discourage outsiders from making themselves at home when you are not.

Wards off Wildlife – You may not think that there is wildlife around you, but animals have been known to wander into neighborhoods and even city streets from time to time. While squirrels may be harmless, other animals can be pests. Raccoons can make a mess rifling through your trash cans. Rabbits and deer can make a meal out of your garden. Your fence may not stand up well to a hungry black bear, but it may convince him to move on to find a more accessible meal. Most animals won’t bother trying to enter a yard that is completely enclosed.

Dissipates Weather – A fence does not protect your yard from all weather conditions, but it can block some of it. High winds can cause significant damage to outdoor umbrellas, barbecue grills, and even trampolines. A strong privacy fence can limit the exposure of your furniture, toys, and other backyard amenities to the effects of passing storms.

The safety and security that privacy fences offer are well worth the cost of installing one. Compared with other similar types of fencing, wooden privacy fences are relatively inexpensive, especially when you take into account all of the benefits that they have to offer. They provide a great way to keep your yard, your home, and your family safer.