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If you’ve just completed a fence project, you likely have a few leftover materials. Instead of tossing them in the trash, try salvaging the wood to add a complement to your fence. There are tons of ideas for getting creative with fence scraps. It’s an easy, cost-effective, and sustainable way to make your property look great. Plus, it’s loads of fun to be innovative and add to your curb appeal. 

Flower Pot

Flower pots are a common addition to the exterior of homes, especially fencing. They require very few materials and look great attached to or at the base of any fence. By using leftover materials from a fence build, you can ensure that your flower pots will match the existing structure perfectly. Flower pots are a great way to add some color and life to the outside of your property. You can make them whatever size you prefer depending on the resources you have available and install them at any height that fits your lifestyle and design taste. If you still have more wood, you could always implement these flower pots throughout your property in other areas to create a cohesive flow. 

Creative Fence Topper

Installing an addition to the top of your fence is an affordable way to upgrade your property and add some personality to the exterior of your home. This idea may require a bit more scraps than others depending on the length of your fence, but is certainly worth it if you have the time and resources. Even just adding a flat board to top off the fence can go a long way in terms of design. If you’re more creative and looking to add some charm to the fence, consider adding a lattice or some kind of pattern with your wood to display details and interest. For those with limited scraps, consider installing a topper in one area that you would like to draw attention to. Whether there is a topper for just one section of a fence or the entire thing, a creative addition to the top of your fence is always a good idea.


More often than not, fences perimeter the outside boundaries of a home. What better way to make use of your fence scraps than to implement them in a way that is both functional and compatible with the design of your existing property. Every home needs a mailbox, and salvaging the wood from your fence to create one is sure to look great. You can even make an address or name plaque to go along with it. Nothing compares to personalizing your property to fit your design wants and needs. Again, reusing that same wood from your fence will create a cohesive layout for your curb appeal. A friendly mailbox that’s personalized for you and your family is a great way to greet guests and remind visitors or mailmen who lives there. 

Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds will require more leftover materials than other projects, but are an affordable way to grow food and herbs in your own yard. You can install these at the base of your existing fence to make it flow as one structure, or you can scatter them throughout your outdoor spaces wherever you deem fit. Keep in mind that many plants require certain amounts of sun exposure and should be grown in areas of shade or direct light. Raised garden beds are a great way to bring the family together and teach responsibility and some science to youngins. Plus, you’ll have a constant supply of all of your favorite fruits, herbs, and vegetables at your disposal. If you have enough fence scraps for a garden bed, we couldn’t recommend them more.

Arbor or Overhang

The addition of an arbor or overhang to your newly built fence is one of the best ways to take the design and functionality to the next level. An arbor is perfect for making a statement and creating a grand entrance to any outdoor space. You can even allow vines and other plant life to climb up it and add natural decoration to its surface. An overhang provides shade and function to your fence. It can enclose a certain area and add design value for a particular space in your outdoor setting. Both of these structures are simple additions to a fence and would look wonderful on any property. It’s always a great idea to salvage your fence scraps to create something as beautiful and sustainable as an arbor or overhang.