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Believe it or not, fencing can be extremely expensive. More and more people are warming up to the idea of building a fence on their own in order to cut costs. One of the cheapest ways to build a fence that actually performs well is by using wooden pallets. It’s cost-effective, practical, and has a large variety of design possibilities to make it your own. 

Pallets are easy to come by and serve a vast amount of purposes. Pallet fencing is ideal for those with large areas of land and livestock. Since they’re so cheap, pallets can easily be replaced and installed on large properties affordably. Pallets are quite durable, as they’re typically used for shipping and other high-impact activities. You shouldn’t have any issues keeping your livestock and land safe. If you’d like to add in an extra layer of security, we recommend installing steel posts to further support your pallet fence. 

Ideas for Pallet Fencing

Because pallets are usually flat-surfaced on one side and have two or three horizontal boards on the other side, you can easily implement planters onto the top of them. Installing areas to grow things like flowers and herbs further improves the functionality of your outdoor spaces while also boosting curb appeal immensely. 

You can also take apart pallets and repurpose the wood in the form of a fencing style of your choice. A popular option using pallet materials is picket fencing. By simply removing any screws or attachments on the pallet, you are able to utilize the wood however you please. You’ll likely have to make a few cuts to get the wood to be even, but once you’ve got all the pieces, assembly should be a breeze.

Another creative addition to pallet fencing is the construction of a compost bin or area to store your trash bins. Compost bins are extremely useful for those who find themselves disposing of food often and would like to make better use of their scraps. Trash bins also take up a lot of space and tend to be an eyesore in the front or sides of yards. Having a designated space for them to go before and after being used can be incredibly beneficial for your curb appeal and overall function of your property. 

For the most part, pallets aren’t very tall. You can easily stack them to gain height, but you’d probably also need to include a sturdy post to ensure it can stay standing outdoors with no issues. Similar to normal privacy fencing, pallets can be installed either vertically or horizontally. This gives you more freedom to make the design your own and really add some personal touches to the exterior of your home. You can even add benches to the perimeter of the fence to enhance function and comfort. There’s really no limit to the designs and ideas you can bring to life with pallets.

To further make your fence stand out from the rest, staining and painting are always an option to improve the looks of your pallet fence. It’s a fun project for kids or DIYers looking to add another craft to their weekend plans. Disguising your pallet fence with paint or stain to make the wood look higher quality than it actually is a good way to enhance the look of your property for barely any cost. You can paint pallet pickets a classic white or add some grain and rustic look to your privacy fence. It’s surprisingly not too difficult to achieve a certain look on your wood. Many people enjoy adding an aging effect with paint to the wood to give off a reclaimed vibe. Others will sand it down and add a clear stain to keep it as simple as possible.

Pallets are a great resource to take advantage of next time you’re considering a project for the exterior of your home. Affordable, reliable, and visually appealing, pallets make for a great material to implement as fencing. Whether your style is more traditional or modern, there’s a pallet fencing design for you. To learn more about what you can achieve with pallets on your outdoor spaces, check out more of our creative idea blog posts and give our specialists a call. We are happy to work with you on making your fencing visions come to life!