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If you’ve been in the fence space for some time, you’ve probably seen some hog wire fencing designs by now. Not only are these a popular trend among both suburban and rural homeowners, but they’re also aesthetically beautiful and offer some of the best fencing advantages out there. Hog wire fences have been loved by many for years, and are an affordable and low-profile solution for fencing that is protective yet open. 

What Are Hog Wire Fences?

For those who are unfamiliar, hog wire panels are made with steel rods welded at every intersection and galvanized zinc coating. These wire panels are typically surrounded by a frame of wood. There are many different varieties and material options for hog wire fences to be made from, and the available styles to fit in with existing properties are virtually endless. Depending on the location of your property and the function you require of your fence, you’ll want a more durable wire or higher performing wood species to install. 

How Big are Hog Wire Fences?

Generally speaking, most hog wire fences are roughly 4 feet high and installed in 8 foot sections side-by-side. It’s really up to the materials you have on hand and the fence look that you’d like to achieve. Hog wire fencing can come in all sorts of styles, sizes, and functions depending on what you need it to do. 

How Much Does a Hog Wire Fence Cost?

If your hog wire fence is constructed with wooden posts and rails, it’ll be slightly more expensive than a chain link fence but will cost less overall compared to a solid cedar fence. If you’ve taken on the installation process on your own, the fence will be quite inexpensive. Hiring a landscaper or contractor to do the installation can cost anywhere from $35 to $50 per foot of fence, depending on labor costs in your given area. Typically, the overall cost of a hog wire fence can be anywhere from $25 to $40 per running foot. 

Advantages of Hog Wire Fencing

One of the biggest reasons homeowners love hog wire fencing is because it provides security and protection to their outdoor spaces and animals without sacrificing any views. The homeowner can now be sure their yard and animals are taken care of while enjoying all that their view has to offer. Likewise, neighbors and other people passing by can see in through the fence to a beautiful landscape and admire it from afar. Hog wire fencing truly provides you with the best of both worlds. This style of fencing is durable and will hold up in harsh climates depending on the wood you decide to incorporate. When you install hog wire, you can be sure that your fencing will perform and look like new for years. Another advantage to this style is that the wire is flexible and can bend and reform with the changing elements. It’s important to choose materials that can adapt to their environment, and hog wire does just that. It’s easy to install and maintain, and will save you a great deal of money if any repairs should be needed. And of course, hog wire fencing protects your outdoor spaces and keeps any unwanted creatures or other things out. Fencing is meant to be secure. With hog wire fencing, you can rest assured knowing that your yard and animals are safe while you enjoy all the view has in store. 

Disadvantages of Hog Wire Fencing

Although hog wire fencing is one of the best all-around fencing styles for your outdoor spaces, there are a few downsides that may be deal breakers for some. One of the main issues people have with this style of fencing is that it does not provide privacy. The wire does not prevent anyone from seeing through on either end. If you’re searching for a fence for privacy concerns, hog wire may not be for you. It does well in areas where the homeowner would like security without sacrificing the view. Another disadvantage is that the edges can be sharp and may need additional trim to prevent injury. This is only really an issue if you come in close contact with your fence on a regular basis. For those who just need the fence to protect property, this likely won’t be a problem for you. And lastly, a downside that some have with hog wire fencing is that it can not deter against small bugs and pests. Since the area between the wires is large enough for small creatures and pests to pass through, this is not a great fencing style if you’re hoping to eliminate these things from your outdoor spaces. Other than these minor issues that some may have, hog wire fencing is one of the best designs out there for an all-around efficient and stylish fencing solution. 


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