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If you’ve been following our blog posts for a while, you’re probably well-aware that cedar is one of the best materials to build a fence with. What you may not know though, cedar is also a useful and effective material to incorporate into many other outdoor structures as well. Because cedar is such a well-rounded and durable solution to outside spaces, it’s often implemented in many forms for households of any size, location, and affordability. When it comes to cedar in your outdoor spaces, you truly cannot go wrong!


One of the most popular options for cedar in an outdoor space is in the form of furniture. Cedar is an awesome material for weather resistance and has a long lifespan in an extensive variety of climates. Due to this, cedar furniture is a great option for homeowners looking to enjoy their yard during the warmer months without having to worry about their outdoor structures when winter comes around. On top of it’s functional uses, cedar furniture can also be matched to the existing cedar fencing. This will create a seamless look throughout your outside areas and allow for a cohesive design on the entirety of the exterior of your home. 


Cedar decking is another common and useful installation that many homeowners love. Having a warm and beautiful deck to raise you even a few inches off the ground can take your yard to the next level (no pun intended). Decks allow for an effortless transition between interior and exterior spaces. Welcome your family and guests into your outdoor oasis with a cedar deck of your dreams. The look of cedar is unmatched and its ability to withstand weather and last for decades will make all the difference when it comes time to sell or enjoy for yourself. 

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are often incorporated into outdoor areas where the plants can thrive and produce well. If the area you live in gets ample sunlight and moisture, consider installing cedar plant boxes in your yard area. Cedar is an affordable and durable material that would hold-up well when given the pressure of soil and external influences of the environment. Planter boxes are also an exciting addition for families to tend to and enjoy the herbs, flowers, vegetables, or whatever else that is decided on when growing in an outdoor space. 


For those looking for small additions to their outdoor spaces, a great place to start is incorporating a birdhouse. A cedar birdhouse is simple to build and is a great way to improve the amount of wildlife in your yard spaces. For families with young ones, birdhouses are an awesome way to teach your children about nature and the responsibility of taking care of animals. If you have any cedar laying around, a birdhouse is an easy and super fun build for people of all skill levels.


Cedar is structurally great at combating the environmental and providing durability wherever it needs. One way that many enjoy this material is through the use of pergolas. For those with cedar decks or other accents of the wood throughout the yard, a pergola is the cherry on top of an awesome cedar design all-around. Pergolas also provide a decent amount of shade so you and your family can enjoy the warmer months without having to worry about too much sun exposure. For an added bonus, you can also plant flowers or other plants along the base of the pergola to grow up the sides. This is a beautiful way to display flora life and have blossoming scents year-round in your yard. 


Everyone needs a shed to store their yard equipment and handyman tools, why not make it with one of the best materials on the market? Cedar is durable enough to withstand whatever the environment throws at it and will structurally stay put for years, protecting your possessions every step of the way. You can get creative and add your own twist in terms of design and functional needs. Maybe you want to store a golf cart or make a small home gym, cedar has got all of your bases covered and will look phenomenal no matter what you need.