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Many of the products sold in stores are labeled as environmentally friendly or sustainably harvested. Without a standardized system for evaluating these claims, it can be challenging to decode their claims. Trex decking is considered by many to be a sustainable product. To find out exactly what this claim means to you as a consumer, read below what our respondents had to say on the topic.
Harriet Chan

Harriet Chan

Harriet Chan, the co-founder of CocoFinder.

Environmentally-friendly Products and Processes

Trex offers an eco-friendly way of building decks around your home through the use of recycled materials. Trex is considered sustainable because decks made [of Trex] consist of up to 95% recycled materials. The firm recycles plastic bags and other household plastics to manufacture these green building components.

Unlike other manufacturing processes, [Trex recycling] does not use smokestacks. The effect of this is cleaner air due to reduced carbon emissions. Moreover, the manufacturing process does not create any factory runoff. Through its manufacturing process and environmental conservation, you can expect water sources around you to be cleaner, safer, and healthier.

Another significant reason why many people consider Trex sustainable is that its trucks use vegetable-based oil. This fuel continues to revolutionize the car-making industry while offering inspiration to other businesses on how to be sustainable.

For parents, Trex’s sustainability education might already be a topic your child is familiar with. The firm partners with several schools across the country to encourage recycling and plastic bag collection in exchange for birdhouses and benches.

Trex is Primarily Recycled Material

Trex is sustainable because its main raw material is plastic bags. I’ve seen the bales of plastic bags they collect and process from locations around the country. These don’t have a ton of secondary uses, so recycling them into decking material is a great, green option and takes a lot of waste out of landfills.

James McGrath

James McGrath

James McGrath, Licensed Real Estate Broker and a co-founder of the NYC real estate brokerage, Yoreevo.
Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey, President, WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care.

Weather Resistant

Trex is a composite material, which in general is stronger and more durable than wood alone. Composite [has] increased protection and sturdiness [over] other materials while remaining lightweight and easy to maintain.

The biggest selling point of Trex is that it’s highly weather-resistant. Even the best deck stain won’t completely protect from rain, sleet, snow, and UV rays. Composite doesn’t either, obviously, but it lasts far longer with far less maintenance. A composite Trex deck and a good protective coating will last you a long time and ensure you only need to hose down your deck to clean it.

Recycling Plastics and Wood Chips

Usually, when you think of sustainability and decks, you imagine planting a forest to offset the trees used in manufacturing. Trex sustainability doesn’t work like that at all, though. Instead of replanting to offset use, they use 95% recycled materials in their decks, including 1.5 billion plastic bags annually. They also use recycled wood chips.

They save waste from landfills and use a minimal [amount] of new materials in their products. That’s why they’re the most sustainable composite decking manufacturer.

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson is a home design and sustainability expert with USInsuranceAgents.com.
Dave Pedley

Dave Pedley

Dave Pedley, Founder of YourCub, and a former software developer.

Unparalleled Waste Reduction

TREX is considered sustainable first and foremost because no trees are felled in its making. All the wooden materials are recycled from previous use.

Yes, it does contain various plastics, which by definition are toxic, but these are also recycled, reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

TREX effectively reduces the amount of waste that pollutes our world, and as a composite, is also more durable than purely natural decking, further reducing harm to the environment.

Non-toxic Recycling Technology

Trex uses some clever recycling technology to make their decking slats from recycled material. Unlike a lot of other recycling facilities, they don’t use smokestacks, which produce harmful byproducts during the recycling process.

Trex boasted that they keep over 400 million tons of plastic waste out of landfills by turning them into decking material.

As someone who works with the stuff, I can also vouch for its usefulness. It’s super durable and doesn’t bleach in the sun as quickly as wood. It’s also very flexible. So, it doesn’t break or splinter while still having lots of tensile strength.

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell, co-founder and the CEO of The Charming Bench Company.

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