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An arbor may not be the first thing you think of when you begin planning your landscaping. However, many homeowners find them a valuable way to incorporate plants, shade, and structure into their gardens. To find out more for yourself, read below about the benefits of incorporating an arbor into your yard.

Bryan McKenzie

Bryan McKenzie

Bryan is a landscape designer at a family-owned landscape design and consultation company in Jacksonville. Being a gardening geek, he started the Bumper Crop Times blog together with his wife.

Arbors Add Design to Your Backyard

The main function of arbors in landscape design is to add a vertical element to the area. That’s only the basic function, though. Other purposes of arbors include:

  • defining entries and passageways
  • adding sufficient support for climbing plants
  • creating extra shade over the resting spots
  • framing a garden

Combining different configurations and materials, you can achieve different visual and functional effects. Regardless of the option you choose, an arbor will add volume and style to the backyard space.

The Focal Point of Your Garden

An arbor, when placed strategically into the landscape, can take a backyard to the next level. It provides a focal point for entertaining. You can use it as the entryway into a garden. If you choose this design, you can create a whimsical place for entertaining on the other side, and it will feel like an oasis even though it’s right in your backyard.

Arbors can also become a shady spot to sit and rest. Depending on the size of your arbor, you can place benches or seats under it facing each other.

You can find arbors in various styles. So whether your garden is English countryside, Japanese tea garden, or anywhere in between, an arbor can become a beautiful addition.

Because an arbor provides height and substance, it’s usually a good idea to plan your garden around it. You can plant vines that climb the structure and provide shade. You can then plant out from there, keeping the arbor as the focal point.

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson is a landscape expert with USInsuranceAgents.com.

Katie Ziskind

Katie Ziskind

Katie Ziskind, A licensed marriage, and family therapist and the owner of Wisdom Within Counseling.

Arbors Can Improve the Atmosphere of Your Backyard

[Arbors] improve the appearance and the aesthetic of your backyard because you can grow beautiful flowers on them that improve your mental health and lower anxiety. On your arbor, you can grow wisteria, which is very hearty and blooms with fragrant purple flowers in the spring. You can grow clematis flowers in hot pink, dark purple, or even white that climb year after year and come back as a perennial.

An arbor can make your backyard more romantic, relaxing, and a place that you would like to spend time rejuvenating your mind after work. An arbor in your backyard can be a source of shade too.

Working on your arbor, painting your arbor, planting flowers around your arbor, and working outside [can] improve your mental health and be fun ways to personalize your backyard.

Having an arbor in your backyard can make it a more appealing spot when you’re inviting friends over. They may want to sit outside around your growing flowers versus inside. You can add crushed white shells or even white gravel around your arbor for an even more bright look.

Arbors Add Function and Beauty

Landscape or garden arbors are one great way to instantly improve your backyard’s aesthetics.

  • When installed over a fence, it becomes an attractive way to guide visitors of where the entrance to your garden is.
  • It can serve as an accent that can lead the eyes.
  • It provides a gorgeous way to separate areas of your garden or highlight a certain part.
  • It can provide shade and shelter to visitors and pets.
  • It can serve as a beautiful perch for trailing and climbing plants.
Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a gardening expert and a pest expert that specializes in ant and garden organic pest control. He is the founder and owner of Ant and Garden Organic Pest Control.

Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith

Zachary is the founder and President of Smith’s Pest Management in San Jose, CA, specializing in pest control and tree disease treatment and prevention.

Arbors Draw People In

Arbors beautify a backyard by creating a three-dimensional space and a place for vines to grow and fruit to hang down, such as from grapes. Arbors can also help compartmentalize and create sections in a garden and invite viewers to enter deeper into a garden and see its hidden beauties. The layout and the design of a garden call the viewer to enter and see more, and arbors are great for creating that allure.

Rustic and Sophisticated

Arbors are meant to add to the overall aesthetic value of a backyard. Especially if you put it over a pathway, it’s the perfect accent to add that rustic, yet also sophisticated, feel to your garden. If you’re a gardener who loves their flowering vines, the arbor can also provide support for that.

You can go all out with a [pre-built] arbor, which can cost you between $2,500 and $4,500. It’s more of a luxury than a necessity, and this may be a steep price if you’re on a tight budget.

However, you can also build your very own arbor using inexpensive yet sturdy and reliable materials. If you have about two days to spare, this is a project you can work on.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller

Jack Miller is the founder of How I Get Rid Of. He is a home improvement and pest control expert with more than 15 years of experience.

Pol Bishop

Pol Bishop

Pol Bishop, Gardening and Landscaping Expert Fantastic Gardeners.

The Benefits of Adding an Arbor to Your Landscape

An arbor is a high garden structure with a slated or curved roof, but it’s usually used as an entrance or to divide your garden into sections.

  • Can be used as a focal point to create that “wow” effect
  • Helps divide your garden and act as a “gate” between different sections
  • Provides shade in the heat
  • Add a bench and trailing plants and you can have your hiding spot
  • Provides support for climbing plants and creates a green gate in your garden
  • Adds a pop of color even on the gloomiest day
  • Hang a few baskets with blooming plants and you’ll have a pleasing sight even in the rainy weather.

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