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Cedar is a popular choice for construction material, from siding to fencing to shutters, and for good reason. Wood from the cedar family has many desirable traits. We reached out to some experts on the unique characteristics of cedar wood to see why they think it is such a popular construction material. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Jeff Becka

Jeff Becka

Jeff Becka of Fence Resource.

Durability and Long Life Expectancy

Cedar is one of the most popular types of lumber used for fence construction. The natural oils contained within cedar help to fight against the elements. As a result, providing great life expectancy. Many cedar fences will last over 20 years without ever painting, staining, or sealing them.

Furthermore, cedar does not warp or twist as much as other types of lumber, reducing the number of potential callbacks or warranty work for fence contractors. The look of cedar is an obvious trait, too. The reds, oranges, and browns native to cedar lumber allow it to blend well in outdoor surroundings.

When allowed to weather, it results in a silver-grey look many customers love. While more expensive than pine, it is far less expensive than other exotic types of lumber, making it an excellent choice for your next home or fence project.

Naturally Water-Resistant

Cedar materials are known as premium products in the construction industry. Cedar is a popular building material for several reasons. First, cedar is naturally water-resistant. Cedar is a great roofing or siding material as it won’t grow mold or rot when exposed to moisture. This makes it a great option for homeowners living in moist climates with large amounts of rain and/or snow.

The oils found in cedar are natural insect repellent. Homeowners will not need to worry about termites, ants, and other pests venturing into their homes and eating their roofing, siding, shutters, etc. if they’re made of cedar. This is another reason cedar is popular with homeowners. Cedar adds a warm, rustic look to any home.

Cedar materials are known for their weathered look as they age, changing from warm red tones to a light gray with exposure to the elements. It’s a softer, more porous wood which means it also has noise reduction properties.

Ricky Southers

Ricky Southers

Ricky Southers is the founder and President of Southers Construction Inc.

Jordan Fulmer

Jordan Fulmer

Jordan Fulmer, Real Estate Investor at Momentum Property Solutions.

Naturally Resistant to Rotting, Pests, and Termites

Cedarwood offers many benefits that other species of wood cannot. First off, it is naturally resistant to rotting from moisture, making it an excellent candidate for exterior applications such as siding. Its moisture resistance will make it last for years to come.

Another unique feature of cedarwood is its oils naturally resist pests such as termites. On top of all these benefits, cedarwood is naturally beautiful. The only finish commonly applied to cedarwood is a clear coat to bring out its natural beauty.

Durability Will Keep Cedar a Top Choice

Cedarwood is known for being incredibly durable. Its durability to harsh weather conditions translates over to it being incredibly durable in furnishings and as construction material. It also has its natural oils that help prevent the wood from rotting or being damaged by insects. Many other types of wood need to be chemically treated to be furnished, but cedar does not. It’s always going to be a top choice.

Jeremy Yamaguchi

Jeremy Yamaguchi

Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love.

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