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Fences serve a wide variety of purposes. One homeowner might install a wood fence for an entirely different reason than another homeowner. A homeowner might even discover the need to build multiple types of fences on the same property.

There is no exact science to determine whether you need or do not need a fence. No two homeowners will feel the same, and no two properties are exactly alike. Plus, personal circumstances and individual situations play a huge role in what kind of fence is best for you.

Why build a fence, then? Let’s explore nine reasons why you might need a fence on your property.

#1 – You Want PRIVACY

Are you tired of people peering into your yard? Do you feel all eyes are on you while you relax, play, and work? While it is not always possible to have a secluded patio space, a fence is a great way to provide privacy outdoors. Prying eyes come from every direction, and installing a fence closes out curious neighbors and eavesdropping strangers.

#2 – You Need SECURITY

Building a fence provides protection. While a fence does not come with a 100%-guarantee against all crime, it does act as an effective deterrent to trespassers and intruders. An unfenced yard gives people easy access to your space and belongings.

#3 – You Want to Boost Your CURB APPEAL

The right kind of fence can beautify and elevate a yard. A fence is a home feature that others can see and notice without even stepping foot on your property, much less going inside your home. Installing a fence is one home improvement project you can’t go wrong with, especially if you plan to sell your home and want to increase the value of your home substantially.

#4 – You Want a NEW LOOK

A fence provides numerous aesthetic and visual benefits. Nothing beats a quality fence that is skillfully built, especially one that matches the style and feel of your home. From a stylish ornamental fence to a horizontal privacy fence, there are all sorts of styles to improve the look of your property.


A fence is an excellent way to delineate what is yours. A word to the wise: make sure you know exactly where your property lines are located before you break ground. You don’t want to put your time, money, and energy into a fence that is in the wrong spot. A property survey can clearly illustrate for you and your neighbors where your lot ends and theirs begins.

#6 – You Have CHILDREN

Kids want to have the freedom to run around and play, and parents want to keep their children safe and secure in a protected area. A fence offers that peace of mind, encouraging young ones to stay in the yard where they can safely play.

#7 – You Have a POOL

Pools need to be fenced off. A fence is the perfect barrier – a physical separation from the rest of the yard – when you have young children or pets to keep safe. It can also deter others from sneaking into your yard to use the pool while you are away.

#8 – You Have ANIMALS

From your everyday pets to large livestock, everyone knows that animals tend to escape from time to time. A fence can keep animals in, while also keeping other unwanted animals out.

#9 – You Have an HOA REQUIREMENT

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you might be required to have a fence. In this case, don’t forget to check the rules and regulations surrounding that fence requirement before you build.

A fence is a valuable addition to any property. Some properties might even need more than one type of fence to get the job done.

If you are stewing over the idea of whether or not to install a fence or not, ask yourself:

  • What do I hope a fence will accomplish?
  • What type of fence will meet my expectations?
  • Is there a problem I hope a fence will solve?
  • Do I need a fence to serve multiple purposes?

As a homeowner, it is important to answer these questions to ensure you build a fence that will meet your needs and desires. You don’t want your fence to be a knee-jerk reaction to a problem you have encountered only to find that you don’t like the way it looks or that it doesn’t address all your needs. An eight-foot fence may not be the best solution just because you want privacy.

All too often, homeowners throw up a fence without careful consideration of their circumstances. There are particular fencing materials and designs that are a more appropriate match for certain situations.

It all leads back to the question – why do you need to build a fence? Once you know your end goal, then you can move forward with planning out the perfect fit for your property.


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