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Backyard pools serve as a wonderful gathering place where friends and family can enjoy quality time together. From birthday parties to barbecues, a home swimming pool creates hours of summertime fun.

However, amongst all the splashing and diving, safety should be the top priority for any homeowner with a swimming pool. Every backyard pool needs a solid and sturdy fence surrounding it. A fence provides irreplaceable security, protection, and peace of mind.

The benefits don’t end there, though. Pool fences are a critical component to the overall functionality of an entire yard.

In particular, cedar wood is an excellent fencing material to use when building a pool fence. Why is a cedar wood fence a great investment for pool owners? Let’s discuss the advantages of this excellent fencing material.

The Benefits of a Cedar Wood Pool Fence

A pool fence is an important feature that impacts the feel, flow, and function of a backyard. You want to build a fence that not only serves a purpose, but also improves the aesthetics of your property.

When using cedar wood, homeowners can customize a pool fence to accommodate their personal preferences and meet their exact needs. How so? Here are a few variables to consider.

Height: You can decide the height of your pool fence. Wood fences range in size between three feet and eight feet tall. Before you begin construction, however, consider the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission that pool fences be at least 48-inches high.

Design: A wood fence can come with post caps, accent boards, and trim. Custom cedar fencing is definitely doable if you want a more decorative design.

Color: If you have a particular look in mind, cedar wood can be stained or painted to match your color preferences or coordinate with your backyard décor.

Style: The cedar fence pickets can lie horizontally or stand vertically. While vertical fences are more common, horizontal fences provide a unique, high-end look.

Durability: Cedar wood is a softwood, known for its durability, especially around water. Other types of wood tend to shrink, shrivel, or warp, but not cedar wood.

Longevity: Cedar produces natural oils that make the wood resistant to rot and decay. The chemical compounds of cedar wood prolong its lifespan and prevent deterioration.

Pest Control: Those naturally-produced oils also make the wood resistant to insect and termite infestations. Even mosquitoes, moths, and ants dislike the smell of cedar oil.

Weather Resistant: Cedar wood holds up well for many years in all sorts of weather conditions. Sun and heat or rain and snow, cedar wood can take on the ever-changing weather patterns we experience in Colorado.

Affordability: Oftentimes, homeowners have a preconceived notion that they can’t afford a quality fence. That’s not the case with cedar wood. Cedar fences are relatively inexpensive compared to other fencing materials.

Privacy: Many fence options are see-through, such as metal and aluminum fencing. A cedar fence with boards placed tightly together offers all the privacy you need to keep others from peeking in on your personal space.

Aesthetics: Cedar is a beautiful wood with rich textures. You can add a clear coat of sealant to magnify the color of the wood without taking away from its natural tone or shade.

Property Value: A well-maintained fence increases property value. When you invest in a fence, you invest in the value of your property.

Security: Do you have children, grandchildren, or animals that could wander into the pool? A cedar fence is strong, making it a reliable choice for a pool fence.

Versatility: There are several types of cedar wood – Incense Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and more. As the names suggest, each kind of wood offers a unique color palette based upon where it originates from, providing you several options.

Workability: Cedar wood is easy to work with and lightweight. It is smooth and contains fewer knots than other woods commonly used to build fences.

Maintenance: Cedar wood is not hard to upkeep. A coat of stain or sealant is all it takes to maintain it.

A Pool Fence that is Right For You

Before you move forward with purchasing materials, think about the characteristics you want in a pool fence. Consider the pros and cons. Determine the must-have features you want. When you make an educated decision, you are bound to be happy with the results.

You can’t go wrong with cedar fencing. With so many design options, you can create a pool fence that elevates and improves your yard, yet is affordable and dependable.

Even if there is still snow on the ground, it’s never too early to plan out your summertime fun. While summer might feel forever away, but now is the time to plan out that pool fence.