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Colorado is known for its luscious landscape and breathtaking views at nearly every turn. With such expansive properties and beautiful land, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners choose to take advantage of split rail fencing for their Colorado properties. Split rail fencing is a great option for those in the countryside or even those in suburban areas. These fencing materials offer a unique edge when it comes to lining property boundaries and providing the best bang for your buck. 

Split rail fencing is one of the earliest known forms of fencing in America and is still extremely popular today for a wide range of people and their different lifestyle needs. Split rail fencing remains a fan-favorite largely because of its effortless installation and low cost. Not only are the materials themselves incredibly cost effective for those looking to save, but since the installation can be done by anyone, homeowners can also enjoy savings from doing it themselves without the need to hire a contractor. Split rail fencing is an all-around great option for those on a budget in need of fencing large areas of land or even those in suburban areas hoping to achieve a rustic flare to their curb appeal. 

There are so many benefits associated with split rail fencing. Especially for those of us living in Colorado or similar climates, split rail offers a wide range of advantages that not many other materials can boast. Here are just a few of its many perks:

Affordable Cost

What draws most people into buying split rail fencing is its low costs. Particularly for those with acres of land to fence, split rail is a great option to cut down on costs when it comes time to lining the property. As a rancher or farmer, every dollar matters. So when it comes to fencing, the most affordable yet effective option will always be split rail. If you’re worried about animals getting out (or in, for that matter), weld wire is inexpensive and easy to attach to split rail fencing. This ensures your animals are safe and where they should be at all times. 

Long Lasting

Don’t be filled by split rail fencing’s low cost, it is actually a very high quality material that is truly built to stand the test of time. Split rail fencing is cedar so it is naturally resistant to the harsh elements that we often face in this region. Cedar is known for its longevity and resistance that can last decades without little to no maintenance. You may find yourself needing to replace a few rails every now and then in extreme conditions or unforeseen events, but typically this fencing should be good for as long as you need it to be. Cedar is resistant to rot, decay, and even does extremely well in combating pests. Overall, it’s a great material that will truly perform and look new for decades to come.

Ease of Installation

When you look at split rail fencing, you’ll notice that the rails link inside of the posts almost in a puzzle-like fashion. Because of this design, it is a seamless installation process from start to finish that any DIYer can easily take on. Of course, if you have acres of land to fence, it may be more worth your time to hire a contractor to get the job done. But for those that wish to save on labor costs and do it themselves, there’s no easier material to work with than split rail for all your fencing needs. 

Rustic Appearance

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of split rail fencing is its beautiful rustic appearance. Split rail fencing is sure to add charm to any property and give off a warm aura and welcoming touch to any curb appeal. For those living in the city or suburbs, this can be especially desirable. There’s nothing quite like achieving old world design in the heart of a city. Split rail fencing is an easy way to add character and stand out from the crowd in a stunning way. If you’re looking for an effortless rustic flare to your property, look no further than split rail fencing.

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