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Dog-eared cedar pickets are among the most popular materials for homeowners in the Colorado area. Cedar is a fantastic material that is truly meant to stand the test of time, especially in an unpredictable environment. With so much urban sprawl, there’s never been a better time for a privacy fence

For those beginning their fence material search, you’ll find that most suppliers recommend dog-eared pickets. This is a great material for maintaining privacy, security, and boundary lines. The dog-ear design is just an added bonus for a flare in your outdoor space. Many people in the Colorado area who have an existing dog-eared picket fence will also want to read on for more tips to improve the life and look of their fencing

Improving Cedar’s Lifespan

Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, pests, and warping. With that said, cedar still requires proper maintenance to ensure it looks beautiful and performs well for decades. One of the best ways to improve the longevity of cedar fencing materials is checking for damages semi-annually. Simply looking at the exterior of your fence and checking to see any inconsistencies or cosmetic flaws can help save you tons later down the road. Over time you may also notice that screws or nails may become loose or missing. It’s important to address that promptly to further mitigate damage.

Once your fence has been installed, allow it to acclimate to its new environment for 5 to 10 weeks before adding stain. An oil based stain typically expands the life of cedar tremendously. These stains will be easily absorbed by the cedar and help in preventing damage from UV rays or other unforeseen weather elements. Transparent stains are also popular to keep the beautiful natural look on the cedar, but offer less protection against inclement climates. It’s vital to reapply stains roughly every couple years to ensure your fence is protected and can perform as needed.

Power washing on a soft setting is another popular method for upkeep the look and performance of your fence. This will wash away any debris and gray matter on the fence surface and expose its natural lush coloring and grain. 

Upgrading The Appearance

As mentioned, staining remains one of the most popular methods for ensuring the durability and look of cedar fencing. There are so many ways to improve the appearance of cedar fencing. Firstly, stains come in many colors and textures. Whether you’re looking for a dark coat with a sleek finish or a rustic feel and lighter look, there’s a stain out there fit exactly for your needs. In addition to staining your fence, many homeowners also love the look of painting a fence. When sealed properly, a painted fence can be a beautiful addition of color to an outdoor space. Not to mention, painting a fence is a great DIY project and something you can look out and be proud of for years to come.

Add-On Features

Although dog-eared cedar pickets look great on their own, there are many add-on features that can elevate its design. 


Perhaps a dog-eared style fence isn’t exactly your style. No problem. There are lots of ways to implement toppers and other design elements to draw the eyes towards other areas of interest. One of the most popular add-ons is a lattice topper. Not only is lattice a pretty design element to include, but it’ll also add height and privacy to your outdoor spaces. You can even allow for vines and flowers to grow around the lattice, creating a sanctuary-like vibe for the entirety of your space.


Going off of vines around a lattice topper, just plants in general are a great addition to any fence for a pop of color and life. One option for adding flora to your fence is by simply planting plants that like to grow up on structures around it. It’s a fun project to maintain these plants and allow them to wildly grow as they please as in nature. It is important to note though, that regular fence inspection will be necessary to ensure no critter damage or rot is taking place. Another option for adding plants is by building planter boxes at the base (or midway up on the fence in shelf form). Again, this is a fun project that can be done at home and is a good project to maintain over time.

Gates & Arbor Entrances

Lastly, a very common feature to enhance the look and functionality of your dog-eared fence is by adding a gate or arbor. Creating a grand entrance or exit is a great way to excite newcomers and welcome home old ones. Gates will add increased security and safety to your home instead of a mere gap in the fencing. Especially for dog-eared pickets, gates can be made with the same materials or even something else entirely to stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about how to enhance the look of your dog-eared cedar picket fence or for a quote on materials today, contact our representatives here.