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It’s always important to stay up to date on the latest trends. And your home is no different. With current designs tending towards a more modern and edgy look, homeowners are looking for ways to match that style to their fencing as well. 

Lucky for them, there are a plethora of ways to elevate the design of your modern fencing. Whether you have an existing fence in place or are looking to install a new one, the opportunities are endless to make it your own.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

One of the most popular ways homeowners love to achieve a modern look is through horizontal fencing. This style of fencing is easy to create using traditional materials and can often be installed effortlessly. The horizontal look does a great job at elongating any outdoor space. This is especially valuable for those with smaller yards in need of privacy.

In addition to classic horizontal privacy fences, homeowners also like to achieve this design with more unique features. Some love to make the pickets smaller or add on benches and flower pots to spice up the look. There are so many different designs and functionalities possible with horizontal privacy fencing.

Privacy Screens

Another easy addition for any outdoor space is a privacy screen. Privacy screens are often used to section-off different areas of a yard or as a focal point for a design. Some ideas for these would be next to a hot tub or to hide an industrial area or garbage cans. There are lots of ways to utilize these screens for an added layer of privacy or to hide unwanted eyesores.

Privacy screens can be built with practically any materials. Whether you’re hoping to go for a modern and dark look or a more traditionally contemporary feel, there are options for you.

Picket Size Matters

As we mentioned, pickets or other materials used can be modified to create a more modern look. For instance, many designers love to implement thin strips of wood pieces horizontally to create privacy and intricate detail. Others like to incorporate thick slabs of wood to give their fence a one of a kind feel. You could even alternate between a wider and thinner surfaced picket to add dimension to your outdoor structures. When it comes to picket sizing, be sure to explore all your options as there are lots of different looks you can achieve.

Hog Wire

Hog wire is a material that you’ve probably seen a lot of by now. It has seen a resurgence in popularity due to farmhouse trends circulating. It’s a simple addition to any existing fence and great for adding a trendy look to your yard. 

Hog wire, although traditionally used by farmers, is super modern in today’s design world. It adds immense functionality to a yard by keeping loved ones safe and also allows for a see-through view. It’s a highly desirable material for many modern homeowners right now.

Stain & Paint

If all the above don’t quite suit our taste, not to worry! You can always add a quick paint or stain to your editing fence materials to liven them up. A fresh coat of black paint or a stain of deep cherry can quickly elevate your fence to a more modern look. Consider adding this simple addition to your fence today! Call us for a quote or contact us here.