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What was once a material primarily used by farmers, hog wire fence has seen a resurgence in popularity in modern design. With the rise of farmhouse trends, hog wire fencing aligns with this look perfectly. Much of the admiration for these additions stems from their ease of use and affordability. It’s not often that you find materials at low costs that are effective and beautiful for years to come. And with hog wire fencing, it truly checks all the boxes needed. 

What is a Hog Wire Fence?

For those wondering what the heck we’re talking about, not to worry. Hog wire fencing is that wired grid you’ll often find in the open spaces of fencing. It can come in many different shapes and forms, but primarily is composed of steel rods and galvanized zinc. Depending on your location and specific needs, this material can come in a more durable form or thinner appearance. 

For most, hog wire is added to their existing fencing to keep their own pets inside a boundary or to keep unwanted critters out. You’ll notice that many garden beds and planting areas are surrounded with hog wire fencing. This ensures animals like deer and rodents don’t sneak through and ruin the crops. But even for people with no pets or worries of unwanted visitors, hog wire can simply be an aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking to achieve a farmhouse design with the exterior of your property, hog wire is the way to go.

What To Expect With a Hog Wire Fence Installation?

Like with any installation, there are usually a few steps involved to completing the project properly. Lucky for you, hog wire fencing is effortless to install and completely customizable to make as smooth of an install as possible. Whether you’ve purchased pre-cut panels or a roll of the wire, it’s an easy material to work with and modify to your needs. If you aren’t exactly a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ there are tons of resources to take advantage of for an easy installation. Any fence specialist or general contractor can install this for you in no time. Hog wire does trend on the cheaper side, so you should have room in the budget for labor costs to get the job done right.

How Affordable Is Hog Wire?

As mentioned, hog wire is extremely affordable on its own. When paired with wood materials the price can go up as quality increases. In comparison to a chain link fence, wood materials featuring hog wire will be more expensive but is sure to last longer and look better. For those that have taken on the installation process themselves, costs will be greatly reduced. Even for people who have hired help, hog wire remains a cost effective option loved by many homeowners around the world. Hiring a contractor or landscaper can cost anywhere from $35 to $50 per foot of fence (depending on your area). Typically, the overall cost of hog wire can range from $25 to $40 per foot.

Hog Wire Fencing Benefits

One of the main benefits of hog wire is to keep animals and livestock inside of your property boundaries. It allows for people with acres of land to choose an affordable fence option (i.e. ranch rail) and effortlessly add hog wire to prevent any animals from escaping. Hog wire provides safety and security without the cost of a brand new privacy fence. This also comes in handy when unwanted critters or predators are attempting to get into the property. The hog wire swiftly fends off any enemies and keeps your animals and loved ones safe. 

For those living in more suburban areas where livestock security isn’t a priority, hog wire is a perfect addition for any curb appeal. We’ve seen a lot of farmhouse trends in recent years, and hog wire goes hand-in-hand with these designs. So, even if someone doesn’t exactly need what hog wire was meant for, it’s still a beautiful and aesthetically trendy look for any home design.

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