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Although Colorado has seen tremendous urban sprawl in recent decades, there has been a shift to rural living among many residents. Maybe it’s the breathtaking views or simpler way of life, but many Coloradans have adapted to living in rural areas.

With larger properties and stretching landscapes, rural homeowners have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to fencing. They need an affordable and easy-to-install option that checks all their boxes. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most popular fencing solutions for rural residents and why Cedar Fence Direct is the best supplier for all their needs.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is typically the most cost effective option for fencing. Its rustic look and effortless installation process make it a favorite for those living in the countryside. Split rail materials are made of cedar, contributing to the overall natural resistance that many rural residents need. 

Rural Colorado can have some unpredictable weather to say the least. With split rail fencing, property owners can be sure that their materials are good as-is for decades. There’s no need for staining or annual maintenance. Other than checking to make sure no rails or posts are damaged occasionally, split rail requires very little after installation. Not to mention, as the most affordable option, it is highly preferable for those with acres of land to cover. 

Ranch Rail Fencing

Our most popular option for rural fencing is ranch rail. Ranch rail comes in a variety of sizes for homeowners to customize to their liking. Although a bit more involved than split rail, ranch rail fencing is still quite easy to install and is built to last. There are also a lot of different design options with ranch rail fencing, as there are no pre-cut holes. Some people like to install these the traditional way while others like to mix it up with crossing rails and extra material in-between posts. 

For those with livestock and other animals, ranch rail is an ideal option to ensure your furry friends are safe and secure. Unlike split rail, ranch rail is a bit more secure when it comes to locking animals into place. Ranch rail is a very affordable option for homeowners worried about covering a lot of property, but will be pricier than split rail. It’s  a high quality product that is built for a ranch life, and we couldn’t recommend it enough to our rural customers.

Post and Dowel Fencing

Lastly, post and dowel fencing is another popular pick for rural properties. Post and dowel materials are known for their easy installation and low maintenance. These products should last decades with no issues at all.

Post and dowel materials are treated with chemicals that help to ensure no rot and decay happens over periods of time. This makes the materials incredibly durable and resistant to the elements, but it comes with a cost. The chemicals that post and dowel fencing is treated with can be toxic to animals and humans if exposure continues for too long. So we do not typically recommend these products for anyone who will be in close contact with them. Instead, post and dowel materials are often utilized on commercial properties like state parks or open spaces.

Add Some Hog Wire!

For all of the fencing solutions mentioned above, a quick addition of hog wire can help to further secure your animals and keep your property safe. We highly recommend this material for anyone with livestock or plants that need further protection. Hog wire is exceptionally affordable and easy to install with your fencing. Even if it’s only installed in a specific area of your rural Colorado property, hog wire can really make the difference for your fencing needs.

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