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Horizontal fences have been all the rage in the last decade. Their modern touch and practical privacy are highly desirable by many homeowners all over the globe. With such a popular design, there are many upgrades to make structures unique and appealing.  Whether you want to physically change the structure of your horizontal fence or you’d like to improve features around it, there are so many options for you. 

Seating Area

One of the most common and popular upgrades that many of our customers take advantage of is seating. For those with leftover materials from a fence build, installing matching seating with it is a great design hack. Many homeowners love to build seating that is attached to the base of the fence. This provides a built-in back for any seat and a relaxing place to unwind outdoors.

You could even take it a step further and create benches that open up to provide storage. Most of us have tons of yard tools or toys laying around and a small area to hide them away is the perfect solution. Seating areas can also come in the form of utilizing the corner of an outdoor space. We often see that many corners go unused in backyards. An easy and affordable way to improve that space is by building a small seating area for all to enjoy. 


Another simple and effective way to upgrade the look of any fence is by adding plants. Not only is it a fun activity for all ages, but it will help to improve the quality of your yard and appeal for years to come. Many homeowners like to plant trees along the perimeter of their fence to invest in privacy for the future. Others love to plant herbs and vegetables to use for cooking. 

Beyond the traditional planting along the base of the fence, horizontal fences can also be upgraded with an addition of planter boxes. Small box platforms that hang off the sides of fencing can be used to plant vibrant colors and floral life at any height. This adds dimension and life to any fence. 

Stain or Paint

A not-so-obvious upgrade to a fence is paint and stain. Many homeowners overlook this addition when considering upgrades that will add to the appeal of their fence. Not only is stain and paint a functional add-on, but it can also be quite beautiful. A deep stain on a horizontal fence can completely transform a rustic yard into a sleek and modern oasis.

For those really looking to ‘wow’ their neighbors, consider painting an eye-catching color onto your horizontal fence. While it’s always a good idea to match the design of an existing home, fencing can also be used to make a statement and show personality. Whether that comes in the form of a mural or bright green fence, there are so many creative opportunities with painting a fence.


Every good fence needs some lights! Especially with the modern nature of horizontal fencing, lighting installed in the ground pointing upward can add so much to the overall look. When a horizontal fence is paired with beautiful plants and some lights, curb appeal is boosted tremendously. With lighting, you can enjoy the look of your fence structures at all hours of the day.

Even for those who aren’t ready to commit to in-ground lighting, there are other options to illuminate your structures. If you’re feeling lazy, a simple addition of some string lights can add so much function and fun looks to an outdoor space. You can also install physical light structures attached to the sides of your fence. These can illuminate the boards in either direction and help to mark a clear boundary for your property. Not to mention, they are gorgeous and will certainly add a boost in property value when it comes time to sell. 

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