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Privacy screens have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their unique look and desirable function. Unlike generic fencing, privacy screens allow for a fixed area of privacy and a touch of personality for any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a feature with a hint of an artistic feel or you need something to cover up an area you don’t want seen, privacy screens are a great solution for a myriad of issues.

Tuck Away Unwanted Eye Sores

One of the primary reasons that people love to install privacy screens is to hide any unwanted areas of items in their yard spaces. Examples of this could be trash cans, pool mechanics, or even gardening equipment. Little things around the yard can add up, and privacy screens are a great solution to cover these cosmetic flaws.

Especially for those with existing fencing that they love, installing a matching privacy screen is a breeze. Not only will the design be consistent, but many may not even notice there is an added privacy screen tucking away unwanted items. It’s the perfect structure for adding function and value to your yard while getting rid of eye sores that are not needed.

Perfect For A Feature In Any Outdoor Space

On the other side of the spectrum, many people love to add privacy screens to accentuate these areas of their yard. For art and design lovers, privacy screens are the perfect canvas to showcase your unique taste. Whether you’re looking to build a privacy screen with traditional wood building materials or something entirely different, there are so many opportunities to achieve a creative and show stopping look in your yard.

For those hoping to install privacy screens using lumber materials, there are plenty of different designs and functions available. Oftentimes, homeowners will install screens as design features within a garden or near an entrance or exit to a yard. It creates a grander appearance for the space and adds interest all around. 

Many homeowners who live in rural areas or properties that need less security, privacy screens have become very popular. Installing large walls that overlap and add a level of privacy without the traditional look of a fence is highly desirable. In many cases, a full-length fence isn’t always necessary. Privacy screens are a great solution for property boundary lines and a source of interest for any outdoor space.

An Extra Layer Of Privacy

Another function of these screens is to add an extra layer of privacy within the boundaries of a fence or property. The biggest example of this use is a hot tub area. Adding a simple privacy screen next to a hot tub or private area is a great way to section it off from the rest of the outdoor space. In this case, the screen is not meant to hide unwanted items or showcase unique designs, but rather distinguish a specific area of a yard. 

This use case can also come in handy for lounge or dining areas. The extra layer of privacy isn’t always entirely necessary but it adds a special quality to the area. You can even hang lights or add design features for functional use. It creates a seclusive vibe and private setting for any intimate area you may want. 

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