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Commercial properties go beyond industrial cement buildings and chain link fencing. Many businesses are opting to implement warmer features to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment. When it comes to installing real wood for commercial properties, there’s no better choice than cedar.

Given that commercial maintenance on structures such as fencing can be limited, it’s important to install materials that are built to last. Cedar is naturally resistant to much of the harsh conditions that we endure here in Colorado. Although more expensive than traditional wired fence, cedar fencing is an investment that will pay for itself down the road.

With a small amount of upkeep and installation effort, a cedar fence will draw eyes from potential customers all over. An investment in a charming fence that is built to stand the test of time is well-worth it for any commercial business. And there’s no better material to achieve this than cedar.

Consider The Projected Budget

As with any project, especially commercial, it’s always a good idea to come up with a framework in terms of costs you’d like to spend. With business properties, this stage can often take longer than residential due to approval from management levels and other affiliated parties. Also, keep in mind any local laws that may prohibit you from adding these kinds of structures to your commercial property.  

When considering a total budget for a project like this, be sure to include material costs as well as labor costs. Materials are an easy category to save money on, but contractors often will charge higher amounts for large-scale projects. It’s also important to consider the upkeep that the fence will require. Make note of approximate costs for annual maintenance on your fencing materials and any repairs that may come up.

If you find yourself looking for extra ways to save, consider a fence build that is less time-intensive to mitigate labor costs. There are plenty of fence styles that any DIYer could achieve. These styles tend to be a breeze when it comes time for installation. Saving on time and money can help your business spend money on what matters most.

Available Cedar Options

Once a budget has been established, it’s time to choose the correct materials for the project. With costs and style options in mind, there are so many different avenues for commercial properties to showcase cedar fencing. Whether you’re looking for a rustic ranch style or a sleek modern design, the possibilities are endless with cedar materials.

One of the most popular options for cedar fencing on commercial properties is split rail. Split rail can be seen on a plethora of national and state parks as well as other commercially owned land. Although it tends to be associated with parks and open spaces, it is also a great style for small business or other companies hoping for a more rural feel. Not to mention, it is one of the most cost effective options on the market and requires very little maintenance and labor work.

Another popular option for commercial real estate is a modern horizontal cedar fence. This will be a bit pricier, but will look phenomenal and last for years. For businesses that are hoping to achieve a more modern brand, this is a great option for a first impression. These materials will require more maintenance and have a more involved process of installation. We recommend this style for smaller properties in need of privacy and a fresh new look.

Lastly, ranch rail fencing is extremely popular for commercial properties. It is similar to split rail in that it is affordable and easy to install. This fencing is slightly more secure though and will likely last a bit long when maintained properly. This is another popular option for small businesses or restaurants with outdoor space. Ranch rail fencing gives a rustic feel and adds so much life and character to any property.

For more information on commercial fencing options or for a quote today, contact our highly-trained fencing specialists here.