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Fencing solves a myriad of privacy, safety, and aesthetic needs. Not only is it an important structure in any outdoor space, but it also provides a purpose beyond its everyday use. Fencing is extremely important for the protection of our furry friends.

Dogs and other animals tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Be sure to give them the space they need and the peace of mind you need. One of the best ways to ensure that they are well-protected and happy is by adding fencing features specifically for animals.

This can come in the form of a small detail aimed at enhancing the dog’s enjoyment in the yard or a tactical feature to protect the surfaces of your fence. There are so many add-ons and fence-specific features to help improve the life of your dog and family.

Dog Window

One of the easiest and cutest additions to any fence is a dog window. These can come in the form of a simple piece of glass or plastic, or even a domed compartment for dogs to stick their head into. These are great for any furry friends that love to see what’s going on on the other side. It can also come in handy to relieve stressors that dogs may feel if a stranger is coming by. 

Dog windows are one of the most cost effective options to greatly improve how much your dog enjoys its time outside. Not to mention, it is extremely cute to see a dog pop its head through a window from the opposite side. 

Metal Features

This is something that can often get overlooked with dogs and other animals alike. Since animals tend to jump on fences when excited or just to play around, scratching can become very prevalent on these structures. As a result, homeowners are left re-staining or replacing boards more frequently than desired. 

To mitigate this, many people like to include a metal section in place of wood to combat any damage. This can come in the form of a few rails horizontally or perhaps a metal panel in a place that the dog likes to scratch a lot.

Depending on the amount you need and activity of your animals, these features are quite affordable and will last for decades. These even come in more modern styles or similar to a traditional look to blend seamlessly with any existing structures.

Hog Wire

Hog wire fencing has been an extremely popular style for many years. Recently, it has gained prominence in modern design and architecture due to its rural look and farm feel. Hog wire is not only great for curb appeal but it also keeps furry friends in place and happy.

Like humans, dogs love a good view. Hog wire fencing is great for those pups that absolutely need to see what’s going on on the other side. When installed properly, these fence structures are also incredibly durable and will perform well even with the craziest of animals.

Doggy Door

Lastly, a classic addition great for all dogs is a doggy door. For those that don’t want to give their dog the freedom to come and go as they please, you can make a doggy door that locks and opens upon the owners doing. 

These can especially come in handy when you don’t want the dog running through the house to get to the backyard. A doggy door is a simple solution to allow the dog to be secured without the need of a full-on gate.

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