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What one had a bad reputation for being thin and flimsy is now one of the best structural pieces for any outdoor fence feature. Lattice is a subtle yet beautiful detail that truly takes the look of any structure to the next level. With improvements in manufacturing and sourcing, lattice is now one of the top recommended add-ons for fencing, arbors, and even pergolas.

For those looking for ways to add that extra hint of dimension and interest to their outdoor space, lattice is the way to go. In most cases, the lattice will either come in the form of vertical and horizontal crisscrossing or it will be diagonally checkered at an angle. Both options are incredibly popular and end up looking very similar when all is said and done. Ultimately the choice is up to you based on design preference and the overall look you are trying to achieve with the space.

Lattice Fence Toppers

The most popular method for incorporating lattice into a yard space is by adding it to the top of fencing. Whether there is an existing fence you are looking to upgrade or you are planning a new build entirely, lattice is a great feature to include. 

Lattice fence toppers typically line the top perimeter of a fence. It adds an extra layer of height and privacy to the fence while also improving the overall design. Lattice toppers add a subtle touch of texture and stunning detail that won’t overwhelm a space. For an added hint of beauty, many homeowners also love to plant vines or flowers around the lattice. The plants will grow effortlessly across the lattice and make for a gorgeous backdrop on any property. 

Lattice Privacy Screens

Lattice privacy screens have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. These structures provide the perfect amount of privacy without sacrificing space in a yard. Many homeowners love to incorporate these structures next to hot tubs or outdoor dining areas for an added layer of seclusion. 

These screens can also be used in place of fencing for those not concerned about security or who live on acres of land. Lattice privacy screens allow for separation of different areas with the ability for light to still seep through. 

Lattice Fence Body

Lattice fencing is something that many people fail to take advantage of. It’s a beautiful pattern and allows for sunlight to come through in the most incredible ways. Full lattice fencing typically consists of a lattice panel body of the fence and posts with a top rail or topper. These do not provide the same level of privacy as a privacy fence, but they are exceptionally unique and great for yards with natural light and flora all around. 

Lattice Arbor Accents

Lastly, a very popular lattice installation is on arbors. Many homeowners like to incorporate arbors on their side gates to enter the yard or for entrances to gardens or other areas of their property. Arbors create a grand-entrance-feel and are great when combined with lattice designs. Since lattice allows for light to come through in beautiful patterns, latticed arbors are a sight to see when the light is right. Not to mention, these materials are affordable and easy to work with— it’s always a win-win with lattice!

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