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Oftentimes when in the midst of a project, it’s important to have extra material on hand just in case. But when this material goes unused, what’s the best thing to do with it? For the most part, stores will not accept returns on these items and buyers are left with a decision. Should they take advantage of these leftover materials and implement them elsewhere or simply just toss them out? 

Fencing materials have a myriad of other applications besides the typical picket fence. If you’re in for a DIY project to amplify your outdoor space, we highly recommend holding on to your leftover pickets. Whether you’re in for a large installation or a small addition, fence pickets are a great material to utilize in a plethora of fashions.

Flower/Planter Boxes

One of the most popular ways to incorporate unused fence pickets are planter boxes. Planter boxes can easily be made with a few pickets and are fun for the whole family. Especially when installed at the base of the existing fencing, these are great additions to add depth and life to a yard. 

Since you’ll be using the same materials as the one that currently surrounds an outdoor space, these boxes will be a continuation of that same design. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to create a cohesive design throughout a yard. When using left over materials, you can be sure that your entire yard is made up of the same beautiful products.

Custom Gates and Arbor

For those solely looking for fence-related installations, custom gates and arbors are a great way to go. Leftover materials can easily be used to build gates that allow guests to enter or exit the yard in style. It’s a great way to create that same flow from the backyard to the front curb appeal. 

Arbors are another great addition to give every exit and entrance a more grand feeling. There’s nothing quite like being welcomed to a beautiful yard by a custom-made gate. As a plus, the pickets will match it perfectly and create a look like it was intentional the entire time!

Outdoor Furniture

Every good backyard needs an even better seating area. Why not build custom furniture with the leftover materials from a fence build? It’s the perfect use of these products to coexist in their natural landscapes. No need to worry about designs clashing, your furniture will look great anywhere with a matching fence as its backdrop.

For those willing to go the extra mile, built-in furniture attached to a fence is a great addition. Not only will the space look fantastic and natural, but it will add functional value for years to come. Better yet, add some storage beneath your seating and pick-up any loose items around the yard. It’s a quick add-on that really makes all the difference.

Landscaping Accents

For those with minimal leftover materials, adding subtle landscape accents throughout the yard is a great solution. Perhaps you need a slight retaining wall or fence borders or caps. These small features will go a long way in terms of performance and appeal of your outdoor spaces.

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