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Privacy is one of the most important features of any outdoor space, but it can often come with a hefty price tag. With fluctuating pricing in materials and sky-rocketing labor costs, installing fencing is not what it used to be. Fence builds are an investment in a property’s safety, privacy, and appeal for years to come. Be sure to save on costs when you can!

Always Buy Wholesale

At Cedar Fence Direct, we are a wholesale fencing materials supplier offering top-quality products from some of the best mills in the country. We work with our mill partners to provide our local community with top-notch quality at a dependable price.

Because of our wholesale ways of doing business, we are able to offer our customers a great price on products that are not readily available nearby. When compared to big box stores, wholesale suppliers allow for retail clients to take advantage of contractor pricing on materials that are higher quality and less picked-over. 

If you’re in an area with wholesale material suppliers, we highly recommend taking advantage of these resources when looking for ways to save. This is especially important for those with small businesses or who need these materials for their own clients. Always buy wholesale when you can!

Size Matters

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter when it comes to saving big on your fence builds. For those looking to build a privacy fence, map out how you’d like the final product to look and try to come up with ways to make it work with fewer materials. For instance, a wider picket priced similarly to a thinner one will allow for more fence distance for less money. 

This can also come in handy for other fencing styles like ranch rail. The longer the rail, the less posts you’ll have to buy, the more money you will save. Small adjustments to sizing in design can end up saving you hundreds when all is said and done.

Save On Labor Costs

This one probably goes without saying, but a common way to save on fencing projects is to install them on your own. This isn’t always an option for everyone, but if you’re willing and able, it’ll save you upwards of thousands of dollars.

In addition to installing the materials yourself, you can go the extra mile and stain them on your own as well. Staining is essential for many different climates and fairly easy for anyone to accomplish. A bit of effort and some elbow grease can go a long way in terms of making these projects more affordable. 

Maintain Materials Properly

One the fence has been built, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure it’s good to go for decades to come. This is a common mistake that many folks looking to save on costs make. It’s important to invest a small amount more to seal your surfaces and protect the wood from any environmental conditions. This last step may be tedious, but it’ll save you tons of money down the road when no repairs or replacements are needed.

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