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Not all fence builds cover acres of land and have intricate detailing at every corner. Many basic fence builds are exactly just that: basic fence builds. Believe it or not, most fencing projects are considerably small and not that crazy. For those looking for materials for smaller builds, Cedar Fence Direct is your one-stop-shop for all your fencing needs.

If budget and meeting timelines are at the top of your priority lists, then a smaller build may be a great starting place. Smaller projects allow homeowners to assess the effort and costs associated with fencing. This can often provide a better idea for property owners on if a larger build in their future is feasible. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to accomplish smaller builds today for your own home.

Side Gates And Fences

One of the most popular options for smaller fence builds are side fences and gates. These structures are often installed between suburban homes and make for the perfect introduction to the fencing world. Not only are these fences great for curb appeal, but they are also quite functional. 

Adding an extra layer of safety to your property is always a good idea. A simple gate may not seem like much, but it can really make the difference in terms of security. These projects are usually only a few feet and are generally affordable and easy to install. If you’re considering a bigger fence build, smaller side gates are a great starting point. 

Likewise, these structures allow homeowners the opportunity to dip their toes into the construction world. Perhaps they’d like to take on the builds themselves over a week, or maybe hiring a professional is more up your alley. Whichever way you choose, these are great installations to improve the efficiency, safety, and overall design of your home.

Privacy Screens

Another smaller build that has seen a lot of popularity in more recent years are privacy screens. These structures are well-liked for their versatile look and performance. Many love to install privacy screens next to hot tubs, lounge areas, or other outdoor spaces in need of an extra level of privacy.

These screens are also a great project for those hoping to start small. There’s no better way to judge whether a material looks good in your outdoor space than to install it as a smaller version first. This allows property owners to get a feel for how their yards could look with a bigger project down the road.

Privacy screens are an often overlooked structure that provides many benefits for decades. Beyond the practical privacy that these provide, they can also be built as statement pieces to showcase art and design throughout a property. Let your personality truly shine through and take advantage of these beautiful structures today.

Garden Fencing

Lastly, garden fencing is another quick build that’s perfect for those on a budget or with minimum equipment and resources. Fencing can really come in handy for those hoping to grow vegetables and fruit in their yard. Nothing keeps out pesky animals quite like a sturdy fence. Even if the garden is only a few feet, a small fence can go a long way.

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