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Cedar is well-known and loved for its resilience to a wide range of environmental conditions. These are materials built to withstand years of wear and tear while functioning and looking like new. Cedar fencing is the perfect solution for privacy, security, and loads of curb appeal. 

While cedar fencing is typically a low maintenance material, there are a few things to keep in mind. To keep your fence in top-tier condition, you’ll want to be sure it is properly sealed and cleaned as the years go by. While a cedar fence may look great now, there are plenty of factors that may cause it to lose functionality. Be on the lookout for the items listed below and ensure your outdoor structures are ready to take on decades of use.

Protecting Cedar From Water Damage

One of the main concerns that homeowners face with fencing is water exposure. While many materials, including cedar, are resistant to high levels of moisture, there are some preventative measures to take. Take note that water damage can also come in the form of snow or even humidity.

A great way to protect the surface of your cedar fencing is with a sealant. Applying a waterproof seal to your fence will prevent it from splintering, warping, and cracking from wet elements. Water that gets below the surface of the fence can cause the wood to rot, mold, and distort its shape. These are all serious signs of damage and can affect the overall performance of a fence.

A few coats of sealant every three to five years should do the trick. When properly cared for, these structures should last thirty years or more. It’s also important to avoid unnecessary water damage from sprinklers or runoff near your fence. Ensure it is in a good location for avoiding unwanted damage and occasionally check-up on its well-being.

Protecting Your Fence From Sun Exposure

Another huge thing to consider with cedar fencing is the amount of sunlight it will receive. While most sun exposure is not harmful, it can be after years of direct light and heat. Again, the main resolution for this is a sealant every three to five years.

Too much sun can cause wood to dry up and become brittle. This leads to splintering and the gradual deterioration of the fence as a whole. Especially for those of us living in a Colorado climate, the weather can get exceptionally dry and sunlight is intense. It’s crucial to block out as much light as possible prior to it sitting for too many years untouched. Also, consider installing the fence in a shaded area where less sunlight will affect the structure.

The Importance Of Weeding

Weeding is something that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Weeds that accumulate at the base of a fence can cause the fence boards to rot and decay over time. Although climbing vines may look pretty, cutting them off will help extend your fences’ longevity. 

Annual Upkeep Tips

We recommend cleaning your fencing structures at least once a year. This can come in the form of a simple wash with a hose or a more in-depth cleaning with power washers. Many homeowners like to include bleach or dish soap into their solution to further clean the surface of the fence. 

It’s also always a good idea to give your fence a good look-over every once in a while and check for any noticeable signs of damage. Replace any boards as needed and ensure that no warping is taking place.

For more information or tips on how to ensure your cedar fence is healthy, contact our representatives here.


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