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Every great home needs a fence, why not make it spectacular? One of the best ways to elevate the look and quality of a fence is by using top tier materials. Exotic hardwoods have proven themselves time and time again to be high quality, long lasting, and naturally beautiful for decades. 

What Makes Exotic Wood Special?

Exotic woods are well–known for their use in decking and siding, but they are also phenomenal materials to utilize for fencing. Although typically harder materials to work with, the extra effort is well-worth the pay off. Unlike softwoods, exotic materials are often incredibly more durable and resistant to everyday mishaps.

The biggest advantage of exotic hardwood materials is their natural beauty. Without a doubt, exotic woods are some of the most breathtaking and vibrant materials to work with. Make a true statement in your outdoor spaces with a fence that will draw eyes from all over. These one of a kind materials range in color, texture, and grains, but they all have an impeccable level of beauty in common.

Exotic wood is known for its extremely hard surface. While this can get cumbersome when trying to drill holes and transport materials, it’s a great feature for a fence. Oftentimes, fencing can be influenced greatly by its surrounding environment. Many variations of wood are subject to sun damage, rot and decay over time. But exotic materials are built to last and can resist a wide range of damage.

Beyond their functional and aesthetic value, exotic materials are rich with history and a definite conversation piece for any yard. Many of these materials originate from tropical forests across the globe and are rarely utilized in a suburban or city landscape. Showcase these gorgeous materials on your own property today and show off all that the world has to offer.

What Are The Price Differences?

With beauty and high quality often comes a hefty price tag. While exotic wood materials are certainly the most expensive that we sell, they are considerably affordable given the quality and prestige. Keep in mind, exotic wood often comes from untouched, sought-after areas of the world. These materials are some of the hardest woods in the world and built to last.

While they will run pricier than many generic fencing varieties (ie. cedar or pine), they are well-worth the additional cost. Think of these materials as a long term investment in the quality, design, and safety of your home. These materials require little maintenance and will stay performing and looking like new for decades. When it comes to structures like fencing, it’s important to purchase the highest quality materials available, especially when it looks as good as exotic wood.

Options For Exotic Fencing

There are a plethora of options when it comes to exotic wood. Depending on budget, timeline, and design, you’ll want to tailor the wood to your needs. Ipe wood is a fan-favorite for its rich coloring, deep grains, and one of a kind looks when the sun hits it just right. It’s also a great material to work with compared to some others when it comes time for installation.

Another popular option is mahogany. Mahogany is well-known for its usage in decks, but it is also a great material for fencing. Better yet, match it to your existing deck and create a seamless look all throughout your outdoor spaces. 

There are countless other options available perfect for fencing in any space. To learn more or to receive a quote from our specialists, contact us here.