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What is the ideal fence for a family with young children? It’s a popular question we get asked time and time again.

Fences come in all varieties. What your neighbor thinks is the perfect kind of fence may not necessarily match what you are looking for in a fence. It’s all about finding the right fit for you and your needs.

Education is the key. The more you know, the better prepared you can be to build a fence that accommodates your preferences.

The best approach to discovering the right fence for your family is learning all you can about your different options, so let’s explore the top three categories of family-friendly fences that homeowners with kids love.

Wood Privacy Fence: While it may seem like the obvious answer, a traditional wood privacy fence remains one of the most popular types of fences built today. A wood privacy fence provides the security and safety many homeowners desire for their children. It stands as a barrier to contain humans and pets inside your yard while also keeping unwanted items out. It discourages trespassers, blocks the view of onlookers, establishes boundary lines, protects your personal belongings, and deters stray animals from wandering into your space.

The beauty of a wood fence is that it is extremely customizable. You can make a wood fence as elaborate or simple as you would like. A standard privacy fence made of wood is typically six feet tall. If you want something taller, you can extend that height by selecting eight-foot fence boards. If you want a fence with decorative components to it, you can add various designs to your fence by including post caps, trim, accent boards, or lattice work.

A wood fence does have some upkeep requirements for the natural lumber to maintain its integrity. Wood deteriorates from the weather, sun, and moisture. It can also fall victim to insect infestations and rot. The simple way to protect your fence is to stain or paint it. This protective coating will prolong the life of your wood fence for years.

Vinyl/Composite/PVC Fence: A vinyl or PVC fence is made of synthetic plastic materials, while a composite fence is made of a combination of wood materials and plastic. In fact, many composite fences are considered an eco-friendly fence choice since both the wood and plastic fillers often come from recycled goods.

Like a wood fence, these types of fences are considered privacy fences since they consist of solid fence panels that block out the view of others. They come in a wide range of heights, including up to 16 feet tall. That’s one tall fence!

You can also add unique design components to a vinyl or composite fence. Want post caps, decorative trim, gates, lattice sheets, or even lighting attached to your fence? Vinyl and composite fences can come with numerous beautiful additions.

In contrast to a wood fence, a vinyl or composite fence has little to no maintenance requirements. You will not need to paint or stain these kinds of fences to upkeep their strength. They are known for their weather-resistant properties. No sealant is needed to lock out moisture, making them less prone to rot or insect damage.

Vinyl and composite fences come in a variety of colors, but that color can fade over time. With a wood fence, you can change and update the look of your fence with a coat of stain or paint, but with a vinyl or composite fence, it is wise to be mentally prepared to live with that faded color.

Aluminum/Steel/Wrought Iron/Chain Link Fence: This is your group of fences made from metal materials. Unlike the above mentioned fences, these fences are see-through and will not stop outsiders from seeing into your yard. That does not mean a steel or aluminum fence is not a high-security fence, though.

Aluminum and steel fences are considered amongst the most heavy-duty fencing materials out there, making them an excellent choice for a family fence. They are often welded together at the joints and can withstand significant wear and tear.

As with the other fence types, metal fences come in various heights up to 10 feet tall. They require very little upkeep and a simple clean off with the hose can wash away any dirt and debris. While wood is prone to rot, mold, termites, and more, a metal fence can rust in the wrong conditions. For the strongest fence that is sure to stand the test of time, go with a galvanized and powder-coated steel fence. Don’t forget you can add design elements to metal fences, too.

Selecting a Fencing Material that is Right For You

Building a family fence is a big undertaking, especially with speciality fencing materials. As you consider all your options, think about the elements that are important to you.

Determining the right type of fence for your family can feel like an overwhelming task, but the investment is worth the stress. A fence provides irreplaceable safety, security, and protection that your family is sure to enjoy for many years to come.



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