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The beloved crisscross design of lattice fencing is known for its versatility and practicality. But lesser known, lattice fencing is also an affordable and durable option for privacy and other fencing needs. This material has been used for centuries as a low cost way to provide a semblance of security and boundary lines, and it is now making its way back into mainstream designs.

What Is Lattice Fencing?

For those who are unfamiliar with lattice fencing, you would most likely recognize it if you saw it in person. It is the, usually wooden, material that forms a crisscross pattern with strips. It is often used for fencing, privacy screens, under deck storage, and gardens. It’s a relatively cheap product and has a wide range of applications.

What Are The Uses Of Lattice Fencing?

Most notably, lattice fencing is used as fencing. Although, it is typically used alongside other forms of fencing to ensure more security and structural durability. Lattice can often be seen as a topper for privacy, adding elements of design as well as an extra layer of privacy. Likewise, it is also used for arbors and pergolas, allowing some light to leak through and an extra detail of design and privacy.

Lattice can also typically be seen in garden areas. Whether it’s being used to fend off animals or mark a boundary, it’s an affordable and effective material for this application. It’s simple enough to climb over or add a gate for a homeowner, but durable enough to protect plants from unwanted pests.

Lattice fencing is also commonly used for privacy screens. Many homeowners install privacy screens in place of fencing or walls to hide eye sores or add extra privacy. If you have an area of the yard with mechanic equipment you’d like to hide, lattice fencing gets the job done. It is also great for adding more privacy to a hot tub area or a seating section that you’d like to be more secluded. Although there are still some holes to see through, the lattice really helps to make certain areas private and more aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits Of Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing has a myriad of benefits. One of the top reasons customers love to build with it is that it is reasonably priced. Comparatively, lattice fencing is some of the least expensive on the market. Although these materials are thinner and typically far less durable than traditional pickets, it is still a solid structure considering the price tag.

Another huge benefit of lattice fencing is its ease of installation. For many homeowners looking to build on their own, lattice fencing offers a solution for anyone to get the job done. These materials are light and easy to build with, saving time and money later on. Not to mention, you’ll save on any upfront costs by minimizing labor needs. Saving on materials and labor will help to budget money towards other areas of your build.

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