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Do you want to build a privacy fence? What style of privacy fence are you considering? Are you aware of the various types of privacy fences beyond your basic, standard privacy fence?

If you are looking to construct a new fence or even replace an old one, we highly suggest considering all your options before breaking ground. A privacy fence is a wonderful addition to any property, but each kind of privacy fence provides different benefits and advantages.

Types of Privacy Fences

Have you heard of a decorative privacy fence or a horizontal privacy fence? What about a shadowbox fence or board-on-board fence? How do these fence styles differ?

1. Standard Privacy Fence

Your standard privacy fence consists of fence posts strategically spaced apart to support fence pickets lined up vertically one beside another across horizontal rails.

2. Decorative Privacy Fence

A decorative privacy fence adds bells and whistles to the design of a standard fence, such as post caps, accent boards, chevron patterns, trim, and latticework.

3. Horizontal Privacy Fence

The description of a horizontal privacy fence matches its title. The fence boards are stacked horizontally on top of each other connected together by vertical fence posts.

4. Shadowbox Privacy Fence

A shadowbox privacy fence is built with staggered fence pickets attached to horizontal rails. The staggered fence boards are attached to either side of the rail to create space between fence pickets and add depth and dimension to the fence.

5. Board-On-Board Privacy Fence

A board-on-board fence is similar to a shadowbox fence. While a shadowbox fence alternates the fence boards using both sides of the horizontal rail, a board-on-board fence does not. The fence pickets overlap each other on the same side of the rail, with no boards attached to the opposite side of the rail.

Why Choose a Shadowbox Fence

Of these choices, a shadowbox fence is a popular pick. Homeowners love this style of privacy fence for several reasons, including:


With pickets placed on either side of the rail, one side of the fence looks exactly like the other side. What you see on the inside of your fence is what people see on the outside. That means there is no distinct front or back, so you can love the look of your fence and your next-door neighbors can too.


Wood shrinks and swells up based on its moisture content. With a standard privacy fence, this shrinkage can lead to gaps in your fence between boards. With a shadowbox fence, fence pickets changing in size is not a big deal. Every single board overlaps another, so you still get consistent protection due to the design of the fence.


A standard fence has little to no room between fence boards. The lack of spacing creates a solid wall of wood, and high wind storms love a good wall to push over. Heavy-duty winds put immense pressure on fences, but a shadowbox fence has great ability to withstand strong winds due to that purposeful spacing of boards that allows the wind to pass around the boards.


The design of a shadowbox fence also allows for great airflow when you want a fresh breeze to move through your yard on a hot summer day. Not to mention, light can shine through the cracks to brighten up your yard.


Any sort of well-maintained privacy fence will increase your property value. With a shadowbox fence, the artistry and charm adds extra value (especially when you compare it to say a chain link fence).


The very design of a shadowbox fence makes it innately durable. You can’t beat the sturdiness that comes with alternating pickets. If you want a durable fence that will be stable for years, a shadowbox fence is the perfect match.


A standard fence with tight fence boards closes off all sightlines. If someone or something is lurking behind your fence, you would never know your security is compromised. A shadowbox fence provides loads of security, since the head-on view completely blocks off the view into your yard, while the side view allows for some visibility.


If you want bells and whistles, you can still have those embellishments with a shadowbox fence. A common design element loved by homeowners is a top cap and trim board. It creates a beautiful finished look to your fence without a lot of extra planning or work.


Adding design elements is not the only way you can customize your shadowbox fence. Before you start building your shadowbox fence, you need to pick your board style (Gothic, French Gothic, Dog Ear, or straight). You need to select the kind of wood to use (cedar, redwood, douglas fir, or cypress). You need to choose between wood fence grades (premium, standard, or rustic). Plus, you can apply a coat of stain or paint after your fence is constructed to change the color.

Get Building Your Shadowbox Fence!

A shadowbox fence is different from any other type of privacy fence. The unique elements and gorgeous characteristics of a shadowbox fence set it apart from an everyday, ordinary fence in numerous ways, making it an eye-catching addition to your home.