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Fencing can often take the hardest hit when the seasons change. Be sure to protect the most vulnerable outdoor structures from harsh conditions. For those of us living in a Colorado climate, it’s never been more important to take necessary precautions ahead of the winter season. 

Beyond making preparations in advance, you’ll also want to ensure these materials are maintained throughout the season. When it comes to restoring fencing materials, it’s best to protect your materials now before it’s too late!

Check For Signs Of Damage

As with anything, it’s always a good idea to check on your structures prior to any seasonal changes. Look around for signs of damage and if anything needs to be repaired. It’s important to make repairs or replacements before harsh weather hits, as damage will only continue to worsen. 

Even if only a few boards seem to be damaged, it’s a good idea to act fast and make the necessary repairs. Many homeowners tend to leave damages until it’s too late and are left paying for more than is necessary later on.

Stain And Seal As Needed

For those who don’t need repairs, sealing or staining your fence is an absolute must. There’s no better way to protect your materials than by adding an extra layer of protection. Especially for those of us living in climates like Colorado, it’s never been more important to put preventative measures in place.

Homeowners often do not want to add anything to their fencing because they love the way the natural materials look. If that’s the case for you as well, adding a clear coat of seal is a good solution. We typically recommend this for those with cedar materials, as cedar is one of the most naturally beautiful materials out there. Don’t sacrifice the durability of your outdoor structures for the way they look.

Maintain Regular Upkeep

As with most outdoor structures, it’s important to maintain them regularly. Although staining or sealing once a year will go a long way, there are other ways to improve the performance of these structures. 

For those looking to do additional maintenance, cleaning the fence surface with some soap and water every now and again will definitely help in the long run. Be sure to also clear any vegetation nearby and avoid potential sources of rot and decay.

Again, check for signs of damage regularly and make adjustments as needed. Certain areas of your fence may need more seal or stain than others. Since elements can affect specific parts of a fence, making necessary improvements as needed is a great way to avoid issues down the road.

Shovel And Sweep Snow And Debris

When harsh weather hits, be sure to manage it as needed. If there is a lot of snow build-up at the base of your fence, shovel it away or place salt to prevent it from doing so again. These elements can cause decay and mold within the surface of the boards. As always, look out for your outdoor structures and they’ll look out for you!

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