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The best time of the year is finally here! Outdoor structures such as fencing, decking, and exterior siding are some of the best to add holiday decor to. There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to be welcomed home with lights, wreaths, and everything in-between. Get ready to ring in the season with some of our holiday favorites for any outdoor space.

Strung Garland

One of the most popular options for holiday decor is garland. Garland can come in many forms, with or without lights attached, or even homemade. It’s a great way to showcase some natural life into your outdoor spaces. These can easily be strung along fences, railings, or even the roof of a home. It’s a simple addition that really makes all the difference when it’s time to get into the holiday spirit.

Lights (Lots Of Lights!)

We all know and love them— Christmas lights are an absolute must for any home’s exterior. I mean, how else will Santa find your house? When it comes to lights for the holidays, you can never have too many. Sync them up to some fun tunes or have it on a timer to create beautiful light shows; the possibilities are endless! Lights can be strung along fencing, decking, siding, pergolas, or even across the overhead of an outdoor space to enclose it magically.


Holiday wreaths are some of the most common decor items you’ll find on the exterior of homes, and for good reason! These pieces are typically quite affordable (or easy to DIY), and give everyone a warm welcome into your space. Wreaths are fun for the whole family, as you can personalize them as much as you’d like and add them to as many doors you wish.

Seasonal Welcome Mat

There’s nothing quite like changing-up the welcome mat with the seasons. This is a fun and easy way to get everyone into the spirit. Not to mention, it’s something you’ll have for years and is effortless to continuously put it out each year. These are a great way to start fresh into each of the new chapters that the year brings and give you something to look forward to.


Holidays are notorious for their copious amounts of signs and decor that go along with them. Signs can be divisive when it comes to designers, but for the most part, they’re a great way to show off your favorite holiday sayings or beliefs. These are definitely something we use sparingly, as too many can crowd an outdoor space, but add so much to the character of a home.


Lastly, music is one of the best ways to bring the community together. When synced up with a light show, this can be used to create an entire festival-like atmosphere for your neighborhood. You’ll be the fun house on the block, without a doubt. 

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