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There are plenty of fencing options that can meet the different preferences and price points of homeowners needing a new fence. Of all the fencing materials available, a standard wood fence or traditional chain link fence remain two of the most common kinds of fences.

Oftentimes, homeowners have the preconceived notion that a fence must be built with a single type of fencing material. With chain link and wood, that is not the case. You can combine the two to get the benefits of both fencing materials in one fence.

Wood and Chain Link Fence Combinations

A mixed material fence is an excellent way to create your dream fence. Different materials offer different advantages, so why not include more than one in order to achieve that ideal fence.

There are numerous design patterns that homeowners have successfully used to bring together chain link and wood. Let’s review three popular design patterns:

Wood Rail Fence

A wood rail fence, also known as a round rail or split rail fence, is a type of fence that can easily incorporate chain link into its design. In fact, adding chain link can enhance the functionality of a rail fence.

A wood rail fence is not like a privacy fence. It consists of two, three, or four horizontal rails running parallel to each other, with each rail attached to supporting vertical posts. The rails are not one on top of each other, so the fence does not block out the view of those passing by.

Furthermore, the design of a rail fence means it doesn’t work well to contain young children or small animals. Rather, it is typically used as an agricultural fence to corral large farm animals, but that purpose can be modified with chain link fencing.

By simply adding chain link fencing, you can keep in animals such as goats, lambs, or pigs, and still have a strong fence that is capable of withstanding some heavy wear and tear from large animals. The chain link and wood combo work together to provide a secure barrier for most all animals, plus a protective boundary for your property.

Wood Frame Fence

This kind of fence has similarities to a rail fence system, but with fewer rails. A wood frame fence consists of vertical posts and two horizontal rails, one that follows the bottom border of the fence and another that runs across the top of the fence line.

Since the wood rails connect at the highest and lowest points of the fence posts, the wood boards form into a square and give a frame-like appearance. The middle of the square is free of wood, and that’s where the chain link comes into the picture. The chain link runs from post to post to fill in that center, similar to how a stand-alone chain link fence would.

A wood frame fence is far from your ordinary chain link fence, though. The integrated wood adds dimension to the fence, making the fence substantially stronger and more durable.

Chain Link Fence with Wood Slats

With a wood rail fence or wood frame fence, wood is the foundation of the structure. The wood posts and rails are the primary components of the fence, with the chain link acting as a supporting feature.

A chain link fence with wood slats uses chain link as its base. Then, wood fills in the body of the fence. The wholesale fence slats are woven through the chain link holes and serve a variety of purposes.

  • First, a normal chain link fence is not considered a privacy fence, but wood slats make it function as one. Instead of an individual being able to peer through the gaps in the chain link fencing, wood fills those openings.
  • Second, the slats enhance the visual appeal of chain link fencing. Wood slats come in different colors, which some homeowners choose to alternate throughout their fence line.
  • Third, the wood slats are easy to install and remove, making repairs a simple task. With most types of fences, repairing a fence can involve replacing entire panels. With wood slats, you can make cost-effective repairs by replacing single slats as needed.

Building a Fence on a Budget

Fences can be costly, but many homeowners find combining chain link and wood an affordable option. From privacy to presentation, the wood is not just a creative element. It becomes a necessary component that helps the fence function. Not to mention, wood is a dependable and durable fencing material that will last for years.

Whether you need to replace an old fence or build a new one, consider a chain link and wood fence combination for your next fencing project.


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