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Let’s face it— we all have items in our backyard that we wish we could tuck away. Equipment, machinery, and outdoor items we barely use can accumulate over time and create an eyesore of clutter. Of course regular cleaning can help, but installing a permanent solution to decluttering your outdoor spaces is an absolute game-changer. And in terms of the best material for the job, it doesn’t get much better than cedar. 

Privacy Screens

Cedar privacy screens are some of the most popular for concealing our unwanted outdoor items. These can especially come in handy for those visible machines like an A/C unit, pool heaters, or other large unattractive items that you want tucked away. Privacy screens allow for a separation of backyard spaces without the need to close it off entirely.

Privacy screens can also help for those who would like to create a barrier between yours and a neighbors yard. Perhaps your neighbor has an unattractive yard and you’d like your design to not get outweighed by their lack of design. Privacy screens are a simple and effective solution for creating a tranquil space free of any unwanted eyesores. Not to mention, they’re quite affordable and easy to install for almost any builder or DIYer alike.

Dumpster Fencing

Dumpsters and trash cans are some of the most common items in a back or side yard that homeowners are looking to conceal. Not only is this a cosmetic upgrade, but it can also help to fend off any racoons, bears, or other pests that may be roaming in your area. 

A simple cedar box that fits your waste cans can go a long way in terms of design and performance. You can also install privacy screens for this area if you’re not ready to commit to a cedar box design. Cedar is a manageable material to work with, so homeowners truly have creative control in terms of a custom design. This is a great weekend project for anyone willing and will greatly improve the efficiency and style of your outdoor spaces.

Storage For Loose Items

Throughout the years, humans tend to accumulate a plethora of things that they may or may not use. Items like toys, rakes, or even large machinery can go unused for months or years at a time. It’s important to take the steps necessary to conceal these items when they’re not in use. This will improve the look of your yard and expand the longevity of the items.

Cedar is a wonderful material to create storage boxes or compartments out of to consolidate all your things. Simple storage boxes can be built as a stand-alone feature or even as an addition to the base of a fence or a deck. Depending on what you’re looking to store, you can even make these storage units waterproof or add a lock for extra security. Cedar storage will go a long way to help homeowners elevate the appeal of their outdoor spaces while giving some peace of mind knowing their items are all in one safe space.

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