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Are you ready to install a fence, but unsure which type of fence will best fit your needs? A traditional wood fence is one of the most popular kinds of fences selected by homeowners, but a chain-link fence ranks as a close runner-up.

Why is wood such a sought-after fencing material? Why would a homeowner choose chain-link over wood? What should you consider before selecting one or the other? Before you begin building a fence, we recommend learning about the pros and cons of each fence style.

Is Privacy a Priority?

A chain-link fence is not considered a privacy fence, since outsiders can easily see your yard through the diamond-patterned holes. If your goal is to decrease visibility, a chain-link fence is not the right choice.

On the other hand, most wood fences are built to be privacy fences. Depending on the style of fence, size of pickets, and placement of the wood slats, a wood fence can completely block out the view of others.

The Desired Height

Chain-link fencing and wood fencing both come in a variety of heights. You can even custom-build either type of fence to achieve the exact height you desire.

Want a three-foot chain-link fence? You got it. Want a 12-foot chain-link fence? You can get that, too.

With a wood fence, the standard height is six feet tall. But if your fencing project needs to be taller, you can easily increase the height of a wood fence to seven or eight feet tall. Need even more height? You can add lattice work to the top of your wood fence as well.

The Level of Security

Fences act as a physical deterrent, no matter how big or small. A fence outlines boundaries, and that helps to let trespassers know what is off-limits. For this reason, all types of fences provide some measure of security, yet there are definite differences when you compare a wood fence to a chain link fence.

A chain-link fence is easier to scale than a wood fence. The hole-filled pattern creates mini climbing pockets where feet can slip into and fingers can grasp. It’s practically an open invitation to climb. Not to mention, chain link fences are typically shorter than wood fences, which allows for a quick climb to the top.

Furthermore, a set of bolt cutters in the wrong hands can take down a chain-link fence in no time. A few cuts is all it takes to destroy that woven wire design. To contrast, an intruder could not overtake a wood fence with such a simple tool.

A Fence to Contain Kids or Pets

Fences are protective barriers – barriers that can keep out stray animals and wandering neighbors, and keep in children and pets.

While both a chain-link fence and a wood fence will serve as a safety parameter, you might want to keep in mind the size of the animals and the age of the children. For example, a short chain-link fence is not well-suited for large dogs that can jump, much less livestock animals like horses or cows.

Likewise, even a short fence is a great deterrent for small children. Older kids, however, can easily come and go as they please with most fence types.

The Amount of Maintenance

A chain-link fence is essentially a maintenance-free fence option compared to a wood fence. All fences deteriorate over time, and every type of fence will need to be replaced after so many years.

Wood fences require regular upkeep in order to preserve its livelihood and longevity. Natural wood can break down due to weather-related damage, sun exposure, insect infestations, or fungal overgrowth.

To protect the raw wood, a fence needs to be painted or stained every few years to safeguard its surface. Just one paint or stain application will not be enough to last the lifetime of a wood fence. Wood fences need repeated maintenance.

A Price Point Difference

As you probably suspected, a chain-link fence is not as expensive as a wood fence. Don’t be alarmed to discover that even chain-link fences range in cost, though.

When selecting a chain link fence, you will need to choose between aluminized, metallic-coated, color-coated, pre-slated, galvanized, and more. When building a wood fence, the type of wood and wood fence grades will make a big impact on the overall price of your fence.

Chain-Link Versus Wood

Determining the best type of fence for your needs and budget can be a tough decision. Every kind of fence offers unique advantages with a few drawbacks mixed in.

There are significant differences between chain-link fencing and wood fencing. If you have further questions, we have wood fencing wholesale specialists ready to help you make the best decision for your property and circumstances.



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