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Exotic hardwood decking has three main advantages over all other decking material

Unparalleled Beauty– The distinctive grains and colors that are found in exotic hardwoods are impossible to beat. Regardless of the look desired, contemporary, rustic, or distinctive – there is an exotic hardwood species that will accommodate your project

Durability– Exotic hardwoods are considerably more dense and durable than ANY other wood decking. These woods will endure abuse from patio furniture, grills, pets, and foot traffic far better than cedar or redwood.

Quality– Exotic hardwoods have very few branches. This results in a finished piece of lumber that has almost no knots, or is “clear”, as we say in the lumber business. In addition to the lack of knots, all of our exotic hardwood decking is kiln dried, meaning each piece of decking will be more stable with less warping, twisting, or crooking.