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3 Step Installation Process:

Step 1:  Install First Board

After the first board is installed, lay an inverted deck board in the proper location. Then with the spacer tabs facing downward, attach the fasteners with a 3/4″ screw to the deck board directly over the joists along Edge 1 (which is the closest to the 1st board). Finally, attach the second fastener to the deck board with a 3/4″ screw along Edge 2 (refer to video or download a full guide here) 1″ off to the side of the joist.

Step 2: Flip Deck Board

Once the fasteners are attached, to the deck board, flip the deck board back over.  Then position the board so the fasteners can slide beneath the lead edge of the previous board.

Step 3: Fasten to Joists

Confirm you have the right spacing for the boards and then screw down the fasteners with a 1 1/2″ joist screws to securely fasten the board to the joist.  Then repeat until your deck is installed.

Or Watch This Video Here: