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Step 1 – Preparing the surface

Wood siding is usually fastened to a layer of plywood sheathing covered with a moisture barrier frequently referred to as house wrap. Installed onto the exterior surface of a wood frame house, the house wrap acts as a water and air barrier, but allows water vapor to exit so as not to accumulate inside the wall.

Step 2 – Cutting Wood Siding

Use a standard circular saw to cut the siding to the appropriate length, ensuring that the joints line up on a stud. Use of a measuring square is recommended so that each board is cut accurately. Otherwise, uneven gaps will appear at the joints on the finished wall. Be sure to make each cut slowly to prevent rough edges and splintering.

Step 3 – Installing Wood Siding

Siding is usually installed from the bottom up and may require scaffolding to complete even a single story structure. The lowest siding board is installed onto the bottom of the plywood sheathing so that it projects about an inch below the top of the foundation wall. Siding is nailed into each wood stud.