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Oklahoma City has a plethora of parks, open spaces, and other recreational areas to explore and enjoy. Most of these outdoor spaces have fencing that wraps the perimeter of the land. The fence serves as a property line boundary and can protect the area from animals or unwanted visitors while enhancing the overall design of the open space. In situations like this, both post and dowel and split rail fencing are the favorable types of fencing.

Split rail fencing is what you’ll likely see at a national park or any similar open spaces. It’s a customer favorite due to its effortless installation and inexpensive prices. Above all, split rail fencing provides versatile uses and styles, and will take the protection of your property to the next level.

Likewise, post and dowel fencing is a great option for those looking to add security to their land. It’s especially noteworthy for the durability and strength it provides while maintaining an attractive curb appeal. Its trouble-free installation and upkeep make post and dowel fencing great for large areas like farms, parks, or any other areas in need of keeping things in or out.


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