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Alongside the other two styles of fencing above, split rail fencing and ranch rail fencing, post and dowel fencing is ideal for large open spaces or large pieces of land that you are wanting to outline. All three of these styles of fencing are perfect for a homeowner looking to install a fence themselves without the help of a professional and who needs to install a fence quickly. When you think about it as a rancher for example, you must keep your animals secure somewhere while the new fence is being secured. You can’t take days to complete the fence or your animals will be at a higher risk of being let loose and getting free. Post and dowel fencing is tough, durable, and versatile as well so you can customize this fencing to fit your home and ranch needs.

As far as durability, which is a common question among homeowners and ranchers when installing a fence, split rail fencing is durable and can withstand some damages. However, you may need to secure the rails in the post holes if you are looking for extra durability. With traditional split rail fencing you don’t necessarily need to secure the posts, but it is possible!

If you are a rancher or even just a homeowner with a lot of land, split rail fencing is a great way to secure your property and add security to your land in a few easy steps.