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Similarly to ranch rail fencing, split rail fencing is multifaceted and can stand the test of time. This is extremely favorable in places like Wichita because of the variety of landscape and kinds of places residents like to live. Split rail fencing is frequently in high demand from ranchers and homeowners due to its effortless installation and great prices. Often, this kind of fencing will have holes already made in the posts for you to reduce the hassle, not to mention the large portion of the money you’re saving by not hiring someone else to install it for you.

If durability is one of your main worries, split rail fencing can be secured into the ground and post holes to increase its longevity. This extra step is an added precautionary measure that we’d recommend if fence resilience is something that you must have. In all, split rail fencing provides versatility and flair to any area or kind of residence.


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